Outpost pit walker strength.

Not sure if this is a bug or just a question about pit walkers. With assault bonus, my assault survivors, lvl 16, are wiping lvl 19 walkers with rarely a body shot in scavenge mode. I raided an outpost and every lvl 19 reg walker took at least two hits to die, some 3, and some even lived thru 3 hits. I have over 5k influence and this raid was the first time i hit flee on a raid.

I just raided one with lvl 17 walkers and a solid 1 half the walkers required 2 hit. Any where else a body shot on this level walker is rather rare. Why are my assault survivors sucking so much butt crack on outpost pit walkers? Is this a glitch or are they programmed to be harder to kill?

2 have 18 epic weapons, the other a 17 legendary. So my weapons are decent and the work just fine in scavenge mode.


  • @dlb
    The weekly class bonus doesn't apply in outposts
  • > @DoTak said:
    > @dlb
    > The weekly class bonus doesn't apply in outposts

    I wasn't aware of this @DoTak
    If that's correct I'm glad to have stumbled across your this thread.
    I look forward to other plyrs input on this.
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    The survivor class bonus only applies to challenges and scavenge missions... not story mode, outpost or highlight/season missions!

  • Well that stinks.
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