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    FFS, passing the baton
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    Commence full bitch drive, scroll-down-free
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    @Mabiki You're being delusional, let me wake you up.

    It's 1229+ health increase on my legendary Rosita, she can gain more when she's level 23 & wearing level 26 legendary armor with gold health boost, and the best part is I crafted this badge from all epic components.
    See how injustice this whole crafting system are now?
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    I can see where it is disappointing to get a blue, 4-star, epic badge from using all legendary components and a legendary fragment; instead of a gold, 5-star, legendary badge. I would always prefer the best possible results.

    But your example actually supports Shteevie's point that you can craft a legendary badge with all epic components.

    In any case, I don't consider it a grave injustice. It's a minor nuisance at best.

    edit: Also, from a data POV, we are looking at your badge - percentage based - versus mine, which is a straight addition to the starting base number.
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    @Mabiki Sure common, uncommon, rare & epic have a chance of getting higher rarity, but we're being punished for legendary only getting a chance to epic.

    Below is my hidden signature:
    Shteevie said:
    But there is NO higher rarity when we use all legendary to craft, we are being punished for having a chance to get LOWER rarity.
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    Punished, injustice

    Hyperbole bothers me

    Real problems remain

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    This whole flawed crafting system & how the developer defended it with flawed statement bothers me.
    I've tried to reason with them but they just keep ignoring me with no interest of correcting the crafting system & their statement, so I use hyperbole to try to get their attention to fixing it.

    What's your opinion on we have flawed wrestler trait on our survivor armor but spiked walker have the perfect wrestler trait?
    And the same goes to we have flawed stun resistant trait but tank walker & goo walker have the perfect stun resistant trait?
    Does those bothers you?
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    I would prefer the crafting to guarantee a better minimum level, like rare components for rare or better item, etc. But clearly it is working as intended; since NG built it this way and dosen't seem to want to change it. You believe they need to "correct" it. They don't believe there is anything to "correct." I see an impasse.

    Stun mechanics were in the game as they are now when I started playing. Goo walkers were introduced. I don't get why they don't stun surrounding walkers on explosion, but So it goes. Now there is an upper limit to stun. I don't really see the need to add it, but it hasn't noticeably affected my gameplay.

    As for wrestler; I saw the nerf coming and opposed it, including with suggestions on other ways to fix The Distance LLS/wrestler loophole. I wasted a good bit of time in the Distance thread to offer other ideas, like capping the survivors you can use during the event. I coined a shiort-lived acronym. NG went the easy route instead and made the trait undesirable again. So it goes.
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    So haven’t gone through thread in detail but do you increase the chance of getting certain things if you use all of one type....e.g all cloth better chance of better protection. Think I’ve hit a point where i want to try crafting.

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    I think you will be the one supplying us with answers looking at all of the material matey ;)

    I tried crafting using the same material and each time it was different. If there is a pattern we may need a little pointer or perhaps they could confirm that there is/isn't one.
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    I have seen the correlation between cloth and health gear, but not sure if there is enough data to judge. My own results are spotty.

    Perhaps components affect badge set or shape instead of the attribute? Just wondering if we're looking at the wrong thing.

    Either that, or the effect components have on crafting results is so minimal it is hard to observe.
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    Okay, why is most of the text in my last message not appearing? The pictures are of my first attempt at making a legendary badge. 28% Crit Dmg. Including 5% for the Strong trait and the 20% bonus for the set.
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    @ErmonDax sorry dude. I didn't read through 20 pages to look but seems funny now that I only had to look 4 posts up lol. But in any case I'm glad I'm not alone haha
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    I’m really hating on this badge system! It took forever to get a 5 star badge and I used it with all 3 star components and got a 2 star badge. Uhhg!
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    @overgrowdaworld it didn't leave a component behind. When you have more than one of the same kind, it auto fills that spot after you craft. Other than that, yeah completely justified in your rant. The crafting system is a great idea with terrible implementation.

    Edit: fixed typo
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    Ya that makes scence. If I have a 1star, 2star, 3star, and a 4star component, with a 5 star badge, wouldn’t it make more scence to round it out and get like a 3 or 4star badge upgrade? Or if we had all 1star components and a 5star badge, to round it off so we get a 2 or 3 star badge upgrade? I do hope they fix this madness.
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    Could it be armored walker not guaranteed 100% body shot in lower level even without piercing,
    but guaranteed 100% body shot in higher level with piercing weapon?
    And same level might be either one or random?

    Yes, I think so.
    Same lvl armored can be pierced.

    @jimmorrison369 I just witnessed my level 18 Governor critical hit a level 19 armored using silver piercing with normal attack on my another account. Would be interesting to know how armored many level above can be pierced.
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    Monsuta said:

    I just witnessed my level 18 Governor critical hit a level 19 armored using silver piercing with normal attack on my another account. Would be interesting to know how armored many level above can be pierced.

    I think the answer is in the "bullet-proof" trait.
    I bet the armored walker is like a regular walker wearing armor with the "bullet-proof" trait.
    It probably has the same mechanic as our survivors bullet-proof.

    My suspicion is this.
    If you have a lvl 40 armored, you'll have 100% body-shot. Then 30% piercing goes of, then 30% bulletproof get's added. Bringing it back to 100% again.

    I'd like to know if high lvl armored can get pierced.
    Might test that sometime.
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    @jimmorrison369 I can t find the thread you were talking about critical and damage badges. If I remember correctly I think you said that after experiments you fund out that damage badges do not stack with critical hit?
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    Damage+ badges don't, damage% badges do.

    Hunter does 3000 damage, if you do critical. 3000*1.5=4500

    If you add +300 badge. Hunter does 3300, but critical does 3000*1.5+300= 4800 damage.
    If you ad 10% badge. Hunter does 3300, critical does 3300*1.5= 4950 damage.

    On the other side of the spectrum.
    If your hunter does 3000 damage, and you have +450 critical badge.
    3000*1.5+450= 4950 critical
    If your hunter does 3000 damage, and you have 15% critical damage badge.

    If the same hunter also has destructive 60%
    3000*(1.5+0.6)+450=6750 for +badge critical.
    3000*(1.5+0.15+0.60)=6750 for %badge critical.

    I hope this answers your question.
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    How can I get rid of badges that I don't want any more there is a finite limit to badges that can be saved?
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    Using the BIN icon will scrap badges for xp. You can't scrap components or fragments, only badges.
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