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  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,740
    Me too @TJS! Only my second leg fragment. First one came 2 days ago.
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  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
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    Crafted six badges this weekend. Each one used the combo of 3 cloth and 1 metal component. Resulted in 5 of 6 badges being damage increases, both flat and percentage-based. FWIW

    Edit: just did it again

    Would be great if someone else would try as well to see if this is consistent.
  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964

    Found one I did with that particular combo

    I still haven't seen anything to make me think it's not 100% random
  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
    It may well be random, but the info in the game help section does say the components affect results to some degree.

    I crafted 2 more today with 3 cloth, 1 metal and got 1 damage and 1 health, both in different sets.
  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
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    I'm still sure the outcomes are random.

    The text saying 'components effect the outcome' is likely a reference to what rarity the components you use affects the outcome.

    I've now made 200+ badges and not seen any thing that would suggest a combo of any components determines what type, or position.

    The only guarantee is the outcome will be one of those mentioned in rarity.

    To add, likely the lowest rarity. So now I expected the worst and hope for the best to reduce some disappointment.
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  • DBonesDBones Member Posts: 800
    I actually got an EPIC badge from using all RARE components and fragment this morning. First time that ever happened, usually get common or uncommon garbage. While it was sweet, it’s still an asinine system. Just give me the damn rates every time I use all rare, or at least make the percentages even, like 25% chance of lower rarity, 25% chance higher, 50% chance same. Tired of getting lower rarity like 60-70% of the time
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  • DBonesDBones Member Posts: 800
    Edit: rares, not rates
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  • sicBryansicBryan Member Posts: 16
    Not sure if this question has been asked or answered:

    Do Badges apply when your Survivors are defending the Outpost? And if they do apply, do the Bonuses apply also?

    I recently added some Badges to a Survivor with Bonuses if they have a Hunter in their party. I have that Survivor and a Hunter guarding the Outpost, but the indicator dots do not turn Green showing the Bonus is active.

    Would be nice to know - and nice to stop losing so many attacks to my Outpost. TIA!
  • JackBauerJackBauer Member Posts: 1,550
    Badges in outpost for defender do not work. There was a post from @Movado a week ago. Check it out.
    Remember to use your charge abilities
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,071
    In general, bonus doesn't work.
    Normally the regular badge traits should work, but it appears they don't.
  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,647
    If someone is crafting badges can you please record it?

    Probably making a video!

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  • Chief_Jeff300Chief_Jeff300 Member Posts: 15
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    I’m not sure on crafting, and need advice. What should I start with?

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  • MonsutaMonsuta Member Posts: 1,168
    @Chief_Jeff300 Can you record a video of crafting using all components from the same level, like using all rare components & all uncommon components.

    According to @Shteevie, "you can get a higher rarity badge than the rarity f the components that are used". Let's see if those chances of getting higher rarity badge are fair & equal compared to chance of getting lower rarity.
  • Chief_Jeff300Chief_Jeff300 Member Posts: 15
    @Monsuta I have the video, not sure how to post it.
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  • MonsutaMonsuta Member Posts: 1,168
    @Chief_Jeff300 You can upload it to youtube then post a link here, so we can see your crafting results.
  • bigbeanobigbeano Member Posts: 602
    I am also(words cannot even describe how much) disappointed in, and frustrated with the crafting system...
    I have done a legendary frag with all legendary components batch 7 times now, and still have 0 legendary badges! :|
  • DBonesDBones Member Posts: 800
    Yesterday I used a 1-star fragment with all 3-star components. Drum roll..........1-star badge. Of course it was. My neck hurts from shaking my head so much, and my knuckles hurt from punching things so much. And now I need a new desk at work, too.
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  • OvergrowdaworldOvergrowdaworld Member Posts: 538
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    Man dude, that’s just not right! I’m so sick of this shit too! I used all legendary components and got a 4 star. +12% health. lmao! 12% health isn’t a great improvement. It takes forever to get the damn badge fragments, never mind a 5 star badge fragment and 5x legendary components, that when you get a dirty ass cheap badge like you got, it’s just a kick in the fkn face.
    Thanks game masters for repeatedly kicking us in the face. Over and over and over again. But we all get kicked in the face on different levels, so these kicks do have some potential value to all players.
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,803
    @overgrowdaworld next time take a screenshot or video and contact support.

    It should be impossible to get a rare from all leg badge components. See the video below it should be epic to legendary.

    If it did happen then it would be a bug that I think support would be interested in having reported.

    The badge screen tells you what range of rarity the combinations would yield.

    > @JackBauer said:
    > Here is my try
  • OvergrowdaworldOvergrowdaworld Member Posts: 538
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    So it’s a bug in the game that @Chief_Jeff300 got a 2 star badge from all legendary components and a leg badge piece? For some reason I can’t post pics or videos but @Chief_Jeff300 just did in above post.
    BTW.......that was a typo......sorry. Got a 4 star. Not a 2 star. I was up all night with my kid who had a stomach ache. Didn’t mean to waist your time on a typo. Sorry again. But all leg pieces should give more then +12% health. +20% health, minimum, should be the standard. IMHO.
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,803
    @overgrowdaworld if you look at the screenshots of @Chief_Jeff300 it’s a epic badge (blue 4 Star) but it just looks like a 2 star badge (it’s a visual bug).

    Good to hear it was a typo and not a 2 Star.
  • War77War77 Member Posts: 2
    I also crafted six badges each one used the combo of 3 cloth and 1 metal component. Resulted in 5 badges of being damage increases 1 in damage reduction. So perhaps its not 100% random
  • War77War77 Member Posts: 2
    Its a shame you can get lower crafts than components you use. Its really hard to find golden components and if you craft them and you should receve a golden batch. This should be changed
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