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    Use the 1 star grey common components and 2 star uncommon brown ones as fillers to change your result rarity to common to rare. For instance, I used 1 star badge fragment, 2x - 1 star grey components, and put 2x - 3 star green component at the end and the results rarity changed to common to rare. I got a rare 3 star +11% health bonus.
    Got the rare 3 star +231 damage the same way, just before this one.
    I’ve been getting nice rare badges from mostly common components and badge frags. It’s a great way to use up those greys and make them somewhat useful. If I can have some rare badges on some backup survivors for when my mains are injured and I don’t want to spend gold to heal them.

  • Dingo98Dingo98 Member Posts: 40
    Epic fragment+ 3 legendary+1 epic=rare badge...
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    Dingo98 said:

    Epic fragment+ 3 legendary+1 epic=rare badge...


    I can only hope that's Italian for "Eat my shorts!"
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    I'm 1 for 5 receiving Legendary when using all Legendary components and fragment. 80% getting lower quality than I put in is terrible, and feels like a huge middle finger to be honest. Been playing this game for a long time, but shenanigans like this are turning me off.
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    I'm 1 for 7 when using all legendary pieces.

    I give up on crafting. Why subject myself to the sense frustration and hopelessness when it comes to trying to use part of the game? Games are supposed to be fun. Crafting in no way, shape or form is fun for me any more. I don't like feeling like I've wasted resources, time and effort when I engage in part of the game.

    So why should I bother with it anymore?

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    legendary - 2
    epic - 17
    rare - 70
    uncommon - 79
    common - 71

    Keep in mind, I have scrapped a ton of common and uncommon when replacing them with higher rarity badges, which would explain why there aren't so many more of those, percentage-wise.
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    WellyLuga said:

    I've had the good fortune to have about 10 legendary frags drop, unfortunately only 2 came out legendary. At least every time I get one I know I've at least got an epic badge coming, the difference between epic and legendary isn't game changing. I've got 2 leg, 50 epic and 70 something rare. I scrap anything below rare and don't even bother to craft the uncommon/common.

    Hopefully one day they will give you a way to merge components to a higher rarity.

    Holy crap, 50 epic?! Nice!!
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    Managed to hold off a few days using my new hard found Legendary badge frag... but the badge weekend broke me.

    Ta-dah... another 4* epic (damage reduction). That's ZERO legendaries crafted so far.

    Fix this stupid ass broken shit system.
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    Has anybody encountered a situation where they created a badge which seemed to disappear? I've possibly encountered a game bug where crafting can create a badge you already have, effectively wasting the components.

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    I've now crafted nearly 200 badges, with only 3 epic badges to show for it (no legendaries). I have stock piled and saved my epic and legendary fragments over and over again, then jumped into create badges with fingers crossed, only to get uncommon or rare badges. System is screwed. Lost count of how many times I've hit the craft button with high level fragments and ended up with uncommon badges.... sad face.
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    Use epic components with epic fragments and you'll never get worse than a rare badge. Use legendary components with legendary fragments and you'll never get worse than an epic badge. [Yeah, that still upsets some people, but at least you won't be dropping epic components on an uncommon badge]

    The only way to mix and match is if you have, say some rare components to risk with an uncommon fragment; or some uncommon components to mix with a common fragment. That will give you a slightly better chance at a better badge (still not a good chance).
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    I'm sick to death of critical damage badges! I wasted 2 precious legendary frags tonight to produce back to back epic critical damage badges. So now they sit in storage with the others. Adding to that, of my 222 badges, I have 1 legendary badge, and it's critical damage. WTF do you have to do to get a legendary damage badge?
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    I get your frustration at getting so many of the same type. Variety is good.

    But how come you're not using those? Crit damage badges are great on scouts, shooters and hunters because using their charge attack is a guaranteed critical
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    @DoTak I feel like its a glitch with my game. I get other badges too, but critical damage dominates my crafting. So I made 5 low level badges before I got those 2 blues, to get the bad luck out of the way. No joke I got 5 1 and 2 star critical damage badges. So that was 7 critical damage badges in a row.
    And I do use them. I have 6 in use, 5 in storage. I only have my A and B team badged up. Here's my Sasha for example...

    Edit* I guess it's just hurting especially bad right now. I've grown accustomed to getting so many c damage badges, but me and a guildmate simultaneously crafted all blue piece badges tonight and shared results. She got an absolutely killer legendary damage badge on her first try, it's now her third or fourth one, while I still dream to get my first. Pic added
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    Just spent 25 gold to get those 2 gold crates I missed, and then I crafted a badge.
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    The whole badge system has been implemented poorly. The potential it offers the game is amazing, and the extra elements of rpg it gives is perfect for my style if gaming. But it feels poorly thought out, even rushed, and overall just a giant fail.

    From the overpriced cost of removing badges, to the epic fail of not having a stat preview before committing a badge to a survivor (or even being able to see your stats in general ffs) is just bad. But the WORST part is what this mega thread has been identifying/ outlining:

    The constant downgrading serves nothing but frustration. Do you want to run off you player base, because that's how you run off your player base. The fact that EVERY TIME I use the crafting system I am left frustrated is what's called Terrible Game Design.

    I hope NG fixes this, because there is so much potential. But right now it is nothing but frustrating.
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    Has anybody encountered a situation where they created a badge which seemed to disappear? I've possibly encountered a game bug where crafting can create a badge you already have, effectively wasting the components.

    It's possible you just didn't find it. Where all your badges are listed the ones assigned to a hero/survivor are shown first in order of leg/epic/rare/uncommon/common. You'll need to scroll down past all the assigned badges and then the unassigned badges will be shown in the same order as assigned badges (leg/epic/rare/uncommon/common). I'm guessing you just didn't scroll down far enough.
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,952
    Must be my lucky day. Back to back leg badges.

    The critical badge was from leg badge component plus 3 leg and 1 epic.

    The damage badge was from all epic components.
  • BoukephalosBoukephalos Member Posts: 263
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    @Cronus Nope. NG support checked the logs and said "The badge is there, and it seems you assigned it to Maria". Only I didn't. Maria had four badges before I created the new badge and she still had four badges afterwards, when support claimed I had given her a new badge. I know this, because she's the first survivor I gave any badges to and I waited till I had four from the same set before assigning any badges.

    So NG had a log of the badge being created and that badge belonged to Maria. They told me the type of the badge that had shown up in the logs and she certainly had it. I'm pretty sure she already had it but couldn't prove it (didn't take notes or screenshots of the badges I crafted) and the logs don't go back far enough to help me. Either the new badge replaced an existing but different one (which would seem like a very random bug) or (more likely) there was a rare recreation of a badge she already had and the code mishandled that (rather than detecting/avoiding the situation).

    I do know how to scroll all the way down. I didn't have very many badges then - it wasn't hard. And I was searching hard. There was no unassigned badge of the set/position/rarity that I had just created.
  • CronusCronus Member Posts: 1,478
    @Boukephalos so sorry that this happened. However I was just trying to help you out on something others have commented on having happen to them before. I had no way of knowing how many badges you have or don't have.
  • BoukephalosBoukephalos Member Posts: 263
    @Cronus it was just one low-quality badge. I'd say it's a rare enough possibility that I probably won't encounter it again. But other people might.
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