Hunters nerfed?

Prior to the update my hunters were killing level 25 walkers with one shot, now it's taking 3 shots. What gives?


  • Was it during the hunter week?
  • No. It was this morning before I downloaded the update. And last week during scout week. If toons weren't nerfed with this update then walkers gained health.
  • No class balancing was done for Update 2.7.
  • Assault nerf now hunters ;)
  • There's a chance that the capping of critical chance percentage and the lowering of the base percentage could have affected your Hunters.
  • I haven't noticed any probs with either.
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  • They didn't nerf anything... Just made zombies stronger :p
  • Yup, too many body shots on walkers lvl 14
  • No balances on either the classes or the zombies :)
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    My Hunter lvl 22 and assult lvl 22 could not kill one walker lvl 22 I have lvl 25 equipment. All body shots more than ever. Before update it was one hit now takes 2 ??
  • I was playing just before updating, Maggie could kill lev 25 walkers with 1 shot. Now she needs 3 shots. Something changed. Literally 10 mins before updating it was different.
  • Honestly I wouldn't have noticed this if I had woke up yesterday and the update was ready to go. I sat there doing hard scavenge missions waiting for it to drop. Then it dropped and I realized that there really was nothing new to do but try to collect components so I carried on what I was doing with the same team. Maggie is weak af now, I don't get it. If nothing changed with the balance than basically wtf is what I'm asking.
  • I too have noticed that my gold Hunter is now taking lots more shots to drop walkers... Please make game more realistic. In real life it would never take so many shots to kill a zombie...
  • @David_H79

    Of course.... Doesn't everyone?
    Wink wink. LOL
  • Coon said:

    I too have noticed that my gold Hunter is now taking lots more shots to drop walkers... Please make game more realistic. In real life it would never take so many shots to kill a zombie...

    I know you're just trying to be funny, but I watched this happen in front of my eyes. Now I'm being dismissed by staff, and made fun of. It's not a big deal, it's just a stupid game, but something changed to make Maggie weaker. Whether they want to admit it or not, it happened. It's not a conspiracy, I wish I had recorded myself playing before and after the update so I could show it, but it's not something I could have known would happen. She went from killing them in one shot to barely making a dent.

    You may as well close this thread, because obvious NG doesn't care. What else is new?
  • @FeloniousSpunk
    I agree, I do find it true that walkers are harder to drop. I think it is not Hunter specific. It is tougher for all classes. I hope they look at it and get back to us with a reason. Something was inadvertently nerfed or tweaked during this 2.7 rollout
  • @FeloniousSpunk try unequping Maggie's weapon and re-equip it. Sometimes it's works this way, good luck!
  • I'm seeing a lot more body shots on armored walkers. Level 21 with gold pierce body shot on level 15 armored. Maybe I'm just over analyzing things.
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    @FeloniousSpunk I would like to help you find the answer in this but I need some merit in your statement.

    Before the update, what was the health number of the walker lvl 25 you kill?
    What was Maggie damage number? Was her number at critical damage? Was this number at normal damage? What was the number you notice? (assuming she carried the same weapon with piercing) (assuming Maggie is at lvl 22)

    After the update, what is the health of the lvl 25 walker?
    Do you notice the change in Maggie damage value?

    Anything else beside after the update you cannot kill the walker with one shot?
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  • Somehow I was seeing lots of body shots on armored walkers on lower RSL challenge maps with my lvl22 hunters (RSL 18ish) then I am now at RSL 21 and 22. Odd
  • I can't believe I invested in a lvl 22 hunter with a lvl 25 rifle and cant one shot a lvl 16 armored.
  • My hunters have gotten weaker over the last two weeks as well. Something has been changed.

    I am mad about it because, like you, I invested heavily in my hunters. Now they are worthless compared to other heroes.
  • Is it just the Hunters this happens to at your level ?
  • Just hunters seems to have been affected. My hunters are level 19.
  • That's why I'm holding off from investing my hunters
    Nice shot, Bro
  • Out of interest are you using IOS or Android @FeloniousSpunk ?
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  • I'm seeing more body shots with my lvl 22 hunter. The update made them blind!

    Can't hit a lvl 15 walker off the broadside of the barn!

    Big fat congratulations for making the gameplay screwy in order to extend it!
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