Challenge stuck in Level 1

I updated to version 2.7.0 today. I am playing the Challenge. My Player level is 60, and my Survivors are all levels 20 or 21. I usually start the Challenge each week around level 15 or so. With the new update, I started on level 1, and cannot seem to progress past that. I have played a bunch today already, have earned 118 Stars and 1 Round Pass, am on Round 8, but am still playing Level 1. I assume this is a bug/problem. Please advise.

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  • That is diffinently one I haven't heard yet.
    That's easy stars though...
  • So, should I reinstall, or just wait for another update?
  • @zbot
    Should be able to point you in the right direction... I wouldn't recommend uninstall. Should have an easier solution.
  • It's a known problem @Tabor stated in ingame news!

  • I had the same problem and went to play today and have lost all stars and round passes. I am awaiting too hear what to do next but haven't heard anything as of yet. Definitely frustrating!
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