No credit for watching videos

No getting to open crates after watching the video on the challenge.


  • So far you owe me 12 crates
  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator
    @zardox if you are experiencing issues, please contact support, click settings (gear icon), help, FAQ, Contact Us. Let them know the issues so support can look into it.

    Are you having any issues watching the video or is it the video plays normally but nothing happens afterwards? Do you get free unlocks on the next mission?
  • @Zbot it's no big deal seems to working was playing but I did not get the 3 free unlocks. Don't like to bitch but when you spend money to support the game you just like to some freebies once in awhile... BTW great update keeps me interested and shows me that you guys are really trying to make it better so I spend a few dollars to support the cause. One last thing get rid of auto cover ...please
  • Still not getting credit for some and some don't play screen plays static and then I have to restart. Up to almost 24 lost crates starting to get a little pissed. @Zbot wtf
  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator
    @zardox iOS or android?

    If iOS devices, try this, go to settings, privacy, advertising, click reset ad identifier (there's a android equivalent but I can't remember it off the top of my head). Also power off your device and restart.

    For android, try clear the cache and the android version of reset ad ID.

    What device are you using to play?

    Also please contact support.

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