2.7 Stuck on Level 1 bug

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So this seems to be an issue affect lots of people and I am hoping that by starting it's own thread I can get a more clear answer or update on the status of fixing this issue. It is affecting a couple people in my guild and not allowing them to collect all Stars.
Who else is affected by this issue? Or maybe infected....


  • been working on the challenges, I've completed 5 full rounds and am still fighting level 1 zombies. what gives?

    I don't care for this new system. it's not even worth doing the challenges as I see it, there is literally no experience or supplies for doing them.

    what do I have to do to make it worth my time?
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    Collect as many the round bonus stars as you can to see how many stars you can collect before they fix it.
    RSL 50 give you 50 stars.
    There is NO higher rarity when we use all legendary to craft the badge, we are being punished for having a chance to get LOWER rarity.
  • @warhawk110
    This issue is currently under investigation.
    Thank you for your patience.
  • I'm stuck at level 1 also ... seems to be a bug for some people but not all in our guild ... not sure how to fix that yet
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    Also, if anyone find a work around or improvement on this issue please post up. Trying to find answers for my guildies ... Thanks
  • A few people in my guild also affected (including me). I saw on another thread moderator outlined they are looking into the issue. I hope it is fixed soon.
  • From what I see when ppl post up screenshots the whole layout looks jacked up when having the issue... Maybe @Shteevie could post up some communication on why the screens are so different than normal or if the issue is only effecting specific platforms...
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    @warhawk110 I merged your thread.

    @Coon please check PM

    And anyone else, if you have this issue, please PM a mod with:
    - ingame name
    - camp level
    - guild name (if applicable)
    - state when you updated

    It will be forwarded.
  • Stupid question but how do you 'PM a mod'on this site? I am experiencing is glitch and would like to report it...
  • Level 1 bug. Can't collect and goods past this.
  • @Old_Man_Aplin

    To PM a mod just click or touch the picture next to @MadPuppy who posted right above you in this thread. When his page opens up you will see the picture of an envelope with the word MESSAGE next to it toward the right side of the screen. Hit that and then completely unload and type away all your problems and send them to him. I hear he is a licensed relationship counselor, too... LOL
  • Great news - thanks. I think part of the issue was I had never signed up for an account and the message box of which you speak didn't appear until after I confirmed my email address was legit
  • So My guild mate says the level was fixed and he is now on lvl 16. So that is good. But he said all his stars got reset and he lost everything he had worked for. Is this the way it is supposed to be? @MadPuppy
  • Same. They finally fixed the level problem, but I was left with 0 stars, or even the piddly level I am so far behind my guild now, I will never catch up.
  • > @Rikki said:
    > Same. They finally fixed the level problem, but I was left with 0 stars, or even the piddly level I am so far behind my guild now, I will never catch up.

    With the 1min fuel you should still be able to contribute a good number of stars for your guild and if I understand it correctly you'll be contacted. (Possibly to receive some compensation.) See in game News
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  • @warhawk110 @Coon @Rikki @Old_Man_Aplin @Wildflower13 @sja49162
    And anyone else I forgot or simply don't know about:

    The people from Next Games will contact you "from the beginning of next week". They "remedied the issue and will be in contact soon."

    As per the ingame message :)

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