What's wrong with the ads?

The advertisements are broken more often than not. I'm constantly getting screwed out of my "second chance" crate picks after missions. I usually save them for when there is 1 or more gold crates, but when they don't work, I don't get to pick. Why is this happening so often?

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  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    Happens to all of us. You just have to assume you missed out on nothing good and move on.
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  • redbaronredbaron Member Posts: 52
    I understand that it happens, and that I'm not the only one. I just wanna why.
  • redbaronredbaron Member Posts: 52
    Even though there still isn't an answer, I thank you all for your interest. Also I'm sorry to see that others are having the same issue, it really does rob you of goods sometimes.
  • Nick37Nick37 Member Posts: 469
    Having the odd problem too on iOS (iPad)
  • ADPaqADPaq Member Posts: 339
    I submitted an in game bug report as I hadn't seen adverts since the update. The response from NG was "...there can be temporary regional variance in the ads...".

    In other words, it's working as intended.

    Mine are back, for now.
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