Video Ad Bug in 2.7

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I have seen others comment on this in general discussion but wanted to start a thread to note a bug with post-mission videos since 2.7 came out.

Occasionally, the video ad will not play at all post mission. I have not noticed any pattern, but for me this is an intermittent bug. Sometimes videos work after one mission but don't work in a mission immediately after, and vice versa.

This is different than the "Video currently unavailable message" that sometimes occurs. That one can usually be fixed by waiting a moment and clicking again.

In this case, the game does not respond at all when the button to watch a video is pressed multiple times. Eventually you must simply exit the screen without the chance to open any additional crates.
When you complete a mission immediately after the bug occurs, you will automatically have the chance to open extra crates at the end of the subsequent mission.

This is particularly annoying when you save post-mission ads for extra chances when there are multiple gold or silver crates. Instead, you get the extra unlocks after the next mission, which may or may not have gold and silver crates available.

EDIT: I have observed this issue on both my Android and iOS devices.

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  • I have had this same issue for awhile and it is very intermittent. Mine is not 2.7 related. I notice sometimes the video will not play after hitting the button after a mission but then will play after the next mission is completed. Or the video will play but I will not get a chance to open more boxes but then will get the extra chances to open boxes after completing the next mission. Very frustrating as the number of silver or gold boxes is never the same so my chances of opening nice rewards is usually lower. But again, this does not happen often.
  • Hmm. I hadn't noticed anything prior to 2.7, at least not frequently enough to grab my attention. But since 2.7 dropped it has happened to me several times per day.
  • Actually, mine might not be the same issue. I have no option for viewing ads after missions, and the TV in my camp is never flashing anymore.

    @Mabiki - For when ads don't play after you choose to click the button to view ads. A workaround is to force close. When you get back in the game you can open the next 3 crates. At least, that is what had worked for me, in that scenario.

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  • @I_Am_Psycho
    Do you use iOS or Android?
  • Android.

    I've been trying to resolve it periodically throughout the day.
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  • Thanks for such detailed feedback @Mabiki it's really useful and will be passed along :)
  • I use an Android s7 but I will say the issue I have I find to happen often when lag seems to be bad and everything looks and runs choppy...
  • My issue is now sorted :)

    This happened also when 3.6 update was released, but my fix I used then didn't work.

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    @redbaron - see my earlier post in THIS thread :wink:
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