Possible Shooter Crit Issue again

PoppyPoppy Member Posts: 1,146
So after a few weeks of working crits on shooters 2.7 seems to have broken them again.

This is my shooter

On a crit she used to do between 10/14k damage unfortunately I dont have a screen shot but this was her range.

I do have a screen shot when they had the damage boost last though so you can see she is a hard hitter.

She now has badges that boost her crit damage

And now she does between 7\10.5k :o

Have they been nerfed, have they broken again? One things for sure she should be doing more damage now and she is significantly doing a lot lot less.

I really wish I had a screen shoot without the 50% damage boost but you can clearly see theres no way she can get up to the 20k + damage she did in that event the next time the shooter event occours.

I hope this isnt another upgrade to get back to where we were situation again.
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