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This is to represent events in the tv series like when the herd of undead broke out of the quarry......
That event triggered a few other events in the tv show it's this type of event that's not yet in the game.

First off it can be handled in a number of ways, heroes give advantages as in they can have unique skills that can help in these events, (or have higher chance of success).
Or Heroes have little effect.
Next our active units, these events will use all our units, they play in groups of 3 but we use them all, ( this is an sustoppable wave of walkers.....) we can still run with normal consequences, as we are using units in groups of 3 we are talking waves of walkers and waves of map sections with ways to divert or kill walkers we can set up these maps how we like. We can also sacrifice units to draw off walkers ( we may or may not get them back) we can use our hospital to heal units we pull out of missions but the full event/mission has a max timer so say using a unit to draw off walkers takes a min of 15 min and we only have a chance of 40% we get them back ( heroes may have quicker turn arounds and higher chance of recovery.)

But if they do come back we get to play them again.
That's just a very basic out line.

This is a survival event, we are trying to keep everyone alive for as long as possible, maps will have a minimum kill or divert requirement before our units have an option to escape, ( player level may be used to set this number)
The more maps we survive the better we do, as will the number of dead we kill or divert during the maps the number of dead dealt with is the primary scoring,

So customisable maps
So we can place cars and traps to slow walkers down, maybe to push a car it traps the unit we use it's only option is to draw off the walkers.....and run. This diverts some walkers but only for as long as the other units stay on the map. This can add to your score big time if you can stay alive on the map.....

Some options
Fire traps,
Pits, take time to dig and only hold a set number of, dead.
Fences, only hold a set number of walkers back before they break it,
Cars for blocking and diverting or just shooting over,
Noise distractions.
Walker speed uses normal game systems the more guns you use the faster they arrive.

To make the event handleable it has a timer everything happens inside this timer so healing and defending setting up maps, actual in map fighting walkers, this is all on the timer, what's not is if you log out but hospitals pause while your away from the game so does the timer, so we have a max time the event will run and a max time you have to max out your score, you may get all your units killed well within this time......
If so you can run it again as long as it's still within the events overall timer.

That's a lot to start with, how do you think it may work?
Comments and suggestions welcome. if you are going to give a negative comment, about some aspect you don't like, suggest a better way, along with you comment, it's far more helpful.

Cheers DD.
I will add scoring my suggestion would be group players by level and or unit numbers or set a max unit count that can be used in the event. So you can enter the event with 10 units or 50 if you have them numbers.

Wire ropes between 2 cars........
Anything you have seen in the show......


  • As you can tell this idea is still digesting in my mind.
    Map setup, it's within the timer and you can deploy your men to build them like clash of C so you want a pit, yes you can you can use your units to build them the more units you use the bigger it gets faster, need to build fences yes you can but they take time to setup.
    You get 1hr to setup before the first attack, if it's a 15 unit event, in this time your also setting up all your 5 maps as well, if your units escape new maps unlock. And you will have to use your units to set it up as well.
    So it's man management as well as time do you put all your time into the first maps defence or spread your units over them all....

    The more time you can create by defending a map the greater your setup time for the next maps.......

    After the attack begins its constant with only 5 min between defence battles, the timer stops if you don't go into the event, to defend the next map. So real world delays don't increase your setup time, but you can log out and resume as needed.
  • I was thinking of another way to run it.
    It could come down to how long you can last on each map section. So it's unlimited maps no setup, if you get to the required time of say 5 min on a map you just lose 5min from the event timer, if you don't you lose 5min plus the time your under 5 min. So if you only lasted 4 min you lose 6 min in total from the event timer.
    If your over 5 min, you lose 5min minus the time your over 5 min so in theory you can lose zero time and rack up a great also gives you 5min of free healing in your hospital.

    Each map requires you to rotate you people so if you use 3 of your people on one map they cannot get into the next they have to rest at least one map,
    Any injured people can be healed but the time it takes is linked to the event so if the whole event takes an hour your only ever going to get 1hr of healing, ( unless you can overtime maps) as this is a survival event it may be possible to send injured people back into the fight even pull them from the hospital if needed.
    So as before the event timer effects some aspects of your base that deal with your healing of units they only heal during your active time on maps or under the active event timer.
    So the event can rank players on actualy how long they can last which can be over the natural event timer, of 1 hour. This could be a 2 day event to allow players to run it a few times if they like it.

    Another way would be just 10 maps and your scored with the time you last in total in all the maps, and the number of walkers killed or diverted, in them 10 maps. You have to field more of your people as diversions are mandatory and these require the players people to walk off to divert the dead only to return a random amount of time later, and only one of your people can flee from each map.( they are returned later) so each map has only one escape slot.......( your trying to survive) they can only flee when the other people you use are dead or have tripped the diversion. You don't have to flee if you don't want............

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