No component drops?

anyone else having an issue with this?

I know component rates are infrequent, but I have played 50 times and have not gotten a single drop. My account is slightly unusual, so I wonder if this is a bug.

I have scavenger and craftsman built, my player level is 51, my council is level 19, but my training grounds are level 10 (meaning my max survivors are level 11). I can't get components from scavenge missions because it is 13 RSL max. However, I did push to level 15 (RSL) in the challenge and have played the maps 50+ times and have not gotten a single component.

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  • Thanks @zbot ! I guess I will keep grinding now on my Challenge 15 RSL map, but if I am still coming up empty after another 100 missions, I will be coming to knock on your door =P
  • Why do fragments drop so poorly. I have 39 components and no badge fragments to build badges.
  • I had two round passes from the previous round so when this one started it told me I would skip two rounds and get 2x the stars for the challenge. I played 4 rounds and got 2x the stars each time, I'm on round 5 and the double stars have stopped, is this supposed to happen???
  • As far as I can tell, the skipped rounds (2) are counted as if you had played them.

    Then you get to play 2 rounds at double the stars/TG which brings your round counter up to 4.

    From round 5 onward, the amount of stars and of TG will be back to normal.

    If you had gotten 5 round passes, you would skip 5 rounds and play 5 rounds at double stars/TG plus the round pass earned in round 10 (actually played round 5) would also be doubled.
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