The Distance and retiring survivors

So I had a bunch of botched survivor promotions that I was only holding onto until NG fixed the token retirement amounts. Now that that is fixed, I hear everyone saying we should keep every survivor to help get through The Distance. I understand how it works, but are these underleveled survivors that I will never invest another token into worth keeping for this new game mode? The only levels they would be good for are the same levels my pink survivors would mop the floor with. I'm curious to how the rest of you are approaching this.
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  • Ahh I didn't think of it from a scouting angle. Good point.
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  • If you use your lowest level scout as your, well scout, those extra travel grids can really help when you are first checking to see what's hiding around the next blind corner. Good luck to us all.
  • You can get some low lvl common scouts to do the scouting there is no pointing keeping failed experiments that's holding on to much needed tokens, if your pink star A team can't get past a lvl, a legendary that doesn't have the best traits isn't going to either.
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  • I increased my roster lil bit for this game mode. Dont think they will get me further, but I´ll try to run first lvls with not that important survs and keep my strongest for last push. Im really curious what the difficulty of this mode is going to be.
  • Whatever they end a round at they start at the next round right?
  • There is NO higher rarity when we use all legendary to craft the badge, we are being punished for having a chance to get LOWER rarity.
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