2.7 Token Nerfs

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I'm not the first person to report this, and I don't want to put as much effort into this thread as with the 2.6 token nerf thread, but I will if I have to and lord knows I'm not the only person concerned with this. Will the retirement token values for elite survivors be returning to what they were in 2.6? I very much appreciate that in 2.7, retirement values for non-elites are back to what they were before, but returning that to what it should be has lessened the value of retiring elites. I'm happy to keep this thread current and bring this issue up until it is fixed.

Obviously, the retirement values for elite survivors are nowhere near what they should be if we were using the formula of previous promotion cost plus 15% of tokens invested that is used for non-elites (yes, I know that for some reason, the legendary number is used instead of the previous promotion cost, which would be much more fair and useful to players). And especially if NG continues to add new traits, those with "imperfect" elite survivors might be better off as tokens to invest in new survivors. I'm not talking here just out of self-interest, this affects each and every player. And, yes, I am well aware that NG will not be addressing this issue (the very low salvage rate of elites) in the way that everyone wants them to, though I hope that this is something to be considered and even implemented, but back to the point of this thread...

Will elite retirement values be returning to what they were pre-2.7? Thanks.

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