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First I would like to point out that in the later rounds of my charts there is a quadruple round. I don't know where that is since I don't make it that far myself but the first 25 rounds are all triple rounds and that's the magic number anyway "Strive for 25"

Secondly look at the top of each chart that shows "Starting RSL X; Triple Round Y" as this is accurate regarding points. I will make a note above each chart showing the survivor levels you should expect to see the chart at.

The charts are simple to use. First find the chart that pertains to your survivor levels ie where you start and where you triple round. Then look at the number on the top pertaining to how many passes you earned last week that will be used this week. Then follow that part of the chart going down to see where you should end up after each "perfect round". If next week you start and triple in the same spot (no change to survivor levels) but you earned a different amount of passes then look at that part of the chart going down. The part on the right just makes the numbers on the left show how many stars compared to each other.

Ok so here goes...

Group 1 - Start RSL 15; Triple RSL 21
3+ lvl 22's

Group 2 - Start RSL 15; Triple RSL 20
2 lvl 22's & 1 lvl 21
3+ lvl 21's

Group 3 - Start RSL 14; Triple RSL 19
2 lvl 21's & 1 lvl 20
3+ lvl 20's

Group 4 - Start RSL 13; Triple RSL 18
2 lvl 20's & 1 lvl 19
3+ lvl 19's

Group 5 - Start RSL 13; Triple RSL 17
2 lvl 19's & 1 lvl 18
3+ lvl 18's

Lastly I figured I'd put the TG's expected to be earned in the same place. This is the same for everyone based off OLT's Wordpress Site

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