Saving Story Missions For When The Daily Quest Calls For Them?

I've been saving my Story Missions so far and only did 2 of them whenever the daily quest calls for them.
What happens when you complete all the story missions? Do you get the quest still but remain unable to complete it since you cannot redo a mission once completed?


  • U still get them. U can fulfill them still using the season highlights missions
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  • @Carly Thanks
  • The highlights missions are great for most of the daily quests. Tara's is good for all ranged, all shooter, no zombie kills. Michonne's is good for all warrior/all melee team, Daryl's for an all hunter team etc
  • Season 7B Highway Robbery (sasha and rosita) is a good one to kill 5 walkers with one attack. Did this one today and found that opening tends to hve 5-6 walkers that can b killed by rosita with one move if positioned right.

    If can't get on opening attack, the later huge spawn comes and can get 5 walkers easy
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