The Distance 21/21 completion thread



  • This is truly insane... Well done!
  • 75 Michonne Tokens for free ?
    I think it took me one year to get 75 Michonne Tokens by just playing. :D
    Remember to use your charge abilities
  • if there are some badges available, im in.

    160 gold and 2 phones spent (to be on safe side..) and lots of wrestling in last ~10 maps as intended. gas booster was not used.

    i didnt see much benefit of having 3+ lvl22s. i was sacrificing all of them for simple wrestling at rsl30+.

    not sure if will do distance again. but it was ok for one-time struggle.
  • First time I ran out of survivors at mission 19. Reset it and beat it with 40 gold and 0 radios spent. (I spent about 10 radios before I start to fill the empty slots).
  • I had to redo it because I don't want 75 Eugene tokens on Saturday.

    I didn't use low level wrestling gear but I used 1 radio call guys as victims.
    I played under extreme time pressure made many mistakes and lost my best people early on. My timer ended somehow 13 minutes past 2pm and the last mission was completed when the timer was showing under a minute ! What a hell of a ride !

    And my last team was including: Tara as lead. (In the last month I was always complaining when I was getting tokens for her! Guild members where already joking about that and even today I had again Tara token ins the TG shop)

    In summary it was now an exciting adventure, I guess because of the timer.

    Will I do it again on Saturday ? No.

    @Fearofabotplanet please give me that badge.
    Remember to use your charge abilities
  • ~60 radios

  • See, I told you there are aliens out there!
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