Anyone has any stats on the latest hero, Aaron?

Such as how many tokens to unlock and if unlocked, what his Leader trait is? Also what class he is.


  • 250 tokens. He's a shooter. No idea what his leader trait is.
  • See here:

    New Hero - Aaron
    The determined and persistent tracker and former diplomat Aaron Joins No Man's Land as a Shooter. His Leader Trait "Teamwork" matches Aaron's hopes that people can work together to overcome the apocalypse:

    Leader Trait - "Teamwork": Successive attacks by your team made on the same target deal 12% more damage. [Upgradeable to 28%] Focus your attacks on a single enemy, and each one after the first will be even more powerful. This even works on groups of enemies hit by your Assaults, Hunters, and Warriors!
    Unlocking Aaron will be no small task - Aaron's tokens are not found in the Radio calls, Token Crates, or Season Missions. Instead, you will need to venture into the Distance to earn his tokens. It will take a dedicated search and rescue effort to extract Aaron from the Distance, and the most devoted and skillful players will achieve this unlock before anyone else.
    There is NO higher rarity when we use all legendary to craft the badge, we are being punished for having a chance to get LOWER rarity.
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