The Distance makes gear swap a much bigger issue

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This has become a MUCH bigger issue with The Distance. We're using ALL our survivors, and the swapping turns the event tedious as we try to remember (or have to go check) what gear is on which survivor, then go unequip those survivors before we equip our new team. Please show us our entire arsenal when we click to swap a survivor's gear, rather than just showing us what's not currently equipped. @Shteevie
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  • Yes. Agree x1000000000000000
  • I also think gear swaps in The Distance, much like health et al, should NOT be reflected in the rest of the game. Whatever happens in The Distance, stays in The Distance, right? After I finished yesterday, I had a HELLUVA time remembering who originally had what, and had to restore all gear to what it was prior, only to have to reconfigure this Saturday for the next Distance. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

    Seems like a real chore. Can it be made so that weapon swaps in Distance don't carry over?? Please??
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