Is there a chance that gas times can be reduced by 50% forever?

I love this game and really want to play more. Gas times being so long to get 4 gas' to do just 1 scavenge mission, is daunting and frustrating, to say the least. Please reduce normal gas times so it doesn't take 2 days to just upgrade a new weapon on 1 survivor.
It's difficult enough to get the 890,000 cans to upgrade the mission car for only 2 more gas, never mind waiting 40 minutes to just end able to do 1 scavenge run. It's very frustrating for those that have the desire to play a lot more and get their survivors where they need to be strength and ability wise. The extended gas times are taking the fun outa the game for me. I loved the 1 minute gas event and thank you for allowing me to play the way I like...... ALOT!
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