Reconnecting in challenge moved my survivors when game comes back online (contains video proof)

This has happened to me more than once this challenge! Managed to capture glitch on video. I had all 3 survivors charged. Then RECONNECTING. When game comes back, I'm back several moves and my shooter is down a charge point.

Please fix this as this will b hard to recover as challenge gets harder.

I had it also happen on Armoured Compound. I finish the map fr 3 stars. Then RECONNECTING, mind u I finished the map. Game comes back and places me smack dab n middle of walkers! I didn't get that on video cause was busy asking fr forgiveness fr my language.


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  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator
  • Thank u for ur reply @zbot

    But how am i supposed to tap the "Guild" tab in the middle of a challenge map? I am going from one map to next to next.
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  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator
    @Carly , I usually experience it when I'm out and playing either on a weak cell signal or on a different wifi network. Are you experiencing these issues consistently? I've gotten a signal booster put in and bought new wireless routers to play this game and haven't had issues playing at home. It usually happens when I'm out but I've been able to figure out that it's related to weak signals for me.
  • @zbot Thx again fr trying remedy. Thr isn't a guild tab n the map when running the challenge, so that had me confused as possible solution. And the reconnects takes me back into the map I ws playing but puts survivors n different positions.

    As fr signal, I hve an unlimited data plan so don't use Wi-Fi.

    I also hve tried closing apps that may b running n background
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