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NG_SamNG_Sam Staff Posts: 545
Hi everyone, so there are three different things which I’m going to be talking about here:

The first is a bug which only those of you who have reached the final level of The Distance will have seen. This bug was causing the enemies on the final mission to disappear, meaning that you could walk safely to the end of The Distance. It’s a shame that this bug popped up here, because it makes what should have been the most difficult challenge within The Distance the easiest instead. This was a bug and that bug has been fixed; so those of you who make it to the end of The Distance on Saturday will have to fight to the last as intended.

The second topic is the wrestler trait ‘kamikaze’ tactic. As said before, we’re keeping watch on what’s happening and listening to your feedback. Some of the community seem to be okay with the tactic and some don’t. That’s to be expected. However, this is different to the final mission bug, we’ve known about the wrestler trait for a long time now. If any changes are made as a result of this tactic being used in The Distance, if indeed any changes are made at all, they’re not going to be implemented into the game without due consideration of their impact on other game modes such as the Challenges, their impact on the health of the game generally and their impact on you, the players. They also won't be implemented without due communication.

Lastly, regarding communicating changes - map 9 'The Pit' has proven to be too much of a steep increase in difficulty and as such will be made marginally easier. Not a major change, be aware and don't let your guard down because it's still not going to be easy.

We're aware that there are other hot topics and I'd like to say that we're also keeping an eye on the challenge round passes and the crafting features, as we do with all new entries to the game. Have a great weekend and good luck going The Distance on Saturday! Next week we'll be seeing another new challenge map, Farmlands, which starts the usual time on Wednesday.


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