I made a video where I talk a bit about The Walking Dead: Our World. Looking for some feedback!

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Hi Everyone,

Once I saw the announcement trailer for Next Games new game TWD: Our World I got super excited. My idea is to cover some news about the game before release and make irl gameplay video's once the game is out.

I used to make DayZ videos before, this is my first video where I film IRL and talk into a camera. I hope to improve my videos before the game is out.
In my next video I will use more steady shots, had to delete a lot of footage because there was to much camera shake. If you have any feedback please leave comment!



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    > @SCBMA said:
    > @RonfoxTV
    > That was a nice video! Feedback: don't have the music playing when you are speaking, it was difficult to hear you.

    Thanks! There also was a lot of wind that day, filming in a forest wasnt the best idea.. ill keep it in mind next time. :)
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    Nike video! :)

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    capibara said:

    capibara said:

    Nike video! :)

    Wanted to say "Nice video!!" ...and i also forgot the pic... :#
    :D Fastest walker out there..
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