TWD 100th episode premiere

I just found out I won one of the invitations to see the season premiere and taping of Talking Dead with the cast at the Greek Theater in LA on October 22! Anybody else going?


  • @tpips42 Awesome! My husband won as well, so we are going too!
  • > @TransmuteJun said:
    > @tpips42 Awesome! My husband won as well, so we are going too!

    Yay! See ya there! Lol
  • There might be others there. I think the invitations are trickling out, because they send some each day.
  • lucky u two! please let us know any encounters u have with cast! i am jealous! :D

    on side note:
    @TransmuteJun if your husband needs a date to attend the premiere, i am available. I have already cleared my calendar

    @tpips42 if transmutejun falls thru, i'll let u know. can u pick me up from airport?
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  • @Carly I'll let him know, but I'm my husband's date! ;)

    If you want to go, keep entering. I have another friend who just won today. This seems to be a much easier ticket to get than last year's event at the cemetery.
  • @Carly If my gf pisses me off, you're next on my list! Lol
  • Only one more week where they are handing out tickets... Anyone else get lucky?
  • How did you enter to win. You are so lucky.
  • You have to join the Walking Dead rewards club (free) and then redeem an entry (for 0 points) every day. You have to do it every day since they have a drawing every day.

    You can still enter here.
  • @tpips42 and @TransmuteJun

    any cool stories to share from premiere with cast?
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  • Yes! Actually, I wrote up an article for our blog, but it's still under editing/review so it has not yet been published. I will post a link here when it is ready.

    But in short, we had an awesome time! We were about 20 people in line behind the Rick/Michonne cosplayers who met at last year's Hollywood Cemetery event. And we got to meet IronE Singleton and get pics with him, and we had close encounters with a ton of celebs walking around, including Robert Kirkman, Khary Payton and Chris Hardwick. We had fabulous seats and honestly, it couldn't have gone better. :smiley:
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member
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  • Unfortunately, my mom got sick last week and has been in the hospital. I had to fly back to Wisconsin to be with her and handle her affairs. I'm bummed I missed it, but family comes first. Maybe I'll be there for Episode 200. :)

    Sounds like you had an amazing time, @TransmuteJun! Glad you had so much fun. It looked like an awesome event from what I caught on tv last night.
  • I'm so sorry that you had to miss it, but I agree that family comes first.

    I hope your Mom is doing better. *hugs*
  • Great article @TransmuteJun! Thank you for sharing. I was about to ask what the walker themed food menu consisted of. then i saw the pics at the bottom. So Josh/Eugene got no love from the crowd? :D

    Sorry to hear about your mom, @tpips42 . I pray she in the best medical hands and on road to recovery and better soon.
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  • Josh got claps and cheer when he came on. but it was really funny. Norman and Andy and Jeffrey and even Khary came up to the edge of the stage and interacted with the fans. Josh hung back just a few feet from the edge, kind of looking askance at them... like he wanted to join the party but was afraid no one would want to see him... ;)
  • Probably wasn't sure if folks knew he was Josh and not a character named Eugene! :D
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