Game won't load today? Server issues?

stoggbergstoggberg Member Posts: 6
I have not been able to load the game today. I have been trying over the last 5 hours. The progress bar bounces between Gathering Supplied and Building Camp for about a minute, then I get this error: "Unable to reach server. Check your internet connection"

I have tried connecting over 2 different WiFi networks and my cellular internet connection (all have full internet access and have used them all successfully in the past).
iPhone 7 iOS 10.3.3

Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me?


  • DisneydadDisneydad Member Posts: 3
    I am having same issue and have tried multiple wifi connections and phone data.
  • stoggbergstoggberg Member Posts: 6
    Partly relieved its not just me - but I guess that doesn't help us :neutral:
  • DisneydadDisneydad Member Posts: 3
    I know just stuck and can't do the new distance challenge
  • stoggbergstoggberg Member Posts: 6
    Uninstalling the game and re-installing from the app store fixed the issue for me as listed in another post.
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