Trading weapons armour for gold.

How about being able to trade for gold. If 3 star armour is worth 400 gold from a guild gift then why not be able to trade for gold instead of xp.


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    I have brought this up in the past and technically 19 gifts are worth 400 gold. Up to 19 gifts anyway.

    You’d spend 400 gold giving 19 gold crates that are worth about 21 gold each. Most of the time it’s a good trade in the sense if 75 xp is worth 1 gold; gifts received would be worth more than 75 x 21 = 1,575 xp

    Epic, leg weapons, supplies, xp, radios are all worth more than 21 gold when received.

    Only rare gear is the garbage gift.

    It does suck when you’re the receiver of rare gear but overall if you added up the value of the 19 gifts given it will always surpass the value of 400 gold.

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    Also the game economy after 2.7 shifted towards a HEAVY amount of gold and the amount we get can’t even pay for a daily badge swap.
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