Is it just me?

I've been taking Glenn on scavenging missions all weekend (since with double XP on kills, his bonus is effectively doubled as well) and I've noticed that none of my favorite maps have appeared. I've run hundreds of scavenging missions, and none of the have been these maps.

Which maps are my favorites? Why, the ones that are good for XP farming. And then I realized that other maps were gone too. All of the maps that ONLY have walkers spawn at the starting point are gone. The current scavenging maps have walkers spawning at the starting AND ending points. I'm presuming that this was done on purpose, but the question is, was it done only for this double XP weekend or is it a permanent change?

Has anyone else noticed this?


  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,067
    I got a very wide variety of maps, including the ones where walkers only spawn at the starting point (like the one with the cage, for example - had that one multiple times, actually).
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