Are Heroes aside from leader skill significantly worse than "generic" characters?

As in generic tokens are easier to get, and generic characters can sometimes get better traits.


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    Yep, pretty much.
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    Mabiki said:

    In general, no. Heroes actually have better base stats (an epic hero has damage comparable to a legendary survivor), and as long as they're in leader position, they can be quite useful depending on the leader trait, map and game mode since they boost your whole team. Generic survivors start to be better when you fight high-level walkers, for the reason that their tokens are easier to get. Pink stars reduce body shots, which means more damage, and it is much easier to get generic survivors to pink stars because their tokens are more plentiful.

    I don't see how the explanation you provided results in an answer of "In general, no" to the original question which was essentially: "Putting leader traits aside, are regular survivors generally better?"

    The ability to get more favorable combinations of traits, along with the ease of pink starring regular survivors, makes it literally a no-brainer.
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    Agree to disagree @JayZ
    I took the question as, "Are heroes worse than generic survivors?" And I don't think they are, until you get to high level. True that generic survivors have more variety in trait combos; but some heroes have great traits, and things like retaliate on ranged. Others, not so good.
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    Yes they are simply because regular survivors can get the 'perfect' traits and of course heaps easier to get the tokens to promote them.
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    I run first couple rounds of challenge with Governor, just to get pitiful chance on getting higher lvl equip and because Im not farming challenge missions and tomatoes/XP rewards are improved by Governors leader trait. Other heroes are used only in The Distance, first couple of rounds, Tara is pretty useful, cause you can heal, recharge and finish, but from certain point, heroes are as useful as LLS unless you charged up them at beginning and you can use them to deal extra dmg or stun opponents.
    So, for me, generic survs are better. In same amount of time, one can make generic survs 6/7 stars compared to epic/leg heroes at best. You can focus on certain hero or two, use 10 phones calls on their call days and get them to pink too, but though I did that in past too, I feel it was just waste of phones, that could be used for my regulars.
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    Regular survivors most of the time for me.
    Easier to upgrade due to tokens being more plentiful, but I agree about the token dilution becoming more and more of a problem with the introduction of an increasingly (mostly) useless bunch of "heroes" lately.
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