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Am I the only one that feels that the addition of badges weakens the game? I tried them twice for the Distance and did worse than I did sans les badges. I have unequipped them all. It seems like 80% of rewards are subpar badge bits. I miss the gas, radios, tokens and gear. Everything seems diluted now.
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  • CaptainslayerCaptainslayer Member Posts: 1,430
    Do I like the further dilution ? NO.
    But I like the badges but that might just be because I can do the distance and get the epic badge stuff, because the drop rate for badge stuff (especially fragments and decent rarity badge stuff) is absolutely terrible like every other thing we actually want
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    If you can collect a matching set of components from the same shape family, you can add a huge amount of damage and health to any survivor. The issue is not with the components, it's with finding enough badge fragments combined with the crappy RNG building the badges once you have the parts necessary to do so.
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    I agree. The badges themselves are only helpful. The issue is finding a whole set (and then finding DECENT badges in a whole set) to really make a difference with your survivors. I've definitely been able to make a difference with 3 of mine, and I have a few others who now have a *slight* edge by having sets of crappy/common badges.
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    the one thing that everyone needs to remember is that the badge system is still brand new. it takes time to gather pieces and make good badges - the same as getting good trait combo gear. it's been 3.5 weeks since badges were introduced.
    on my f2p account i have not bought any of the bundles with gold and currently have in my inventory :
    31 badges (31 fragments and 124 components[excluding fragments])
    13 fragments
    210 components - excluding fragments

    i rarely run any scavenge missions, so everything was gained during challenges, and the distance (make it to lvl 12 to 15 on this account). avg 1k stars per week on this one, so 150 maps per week, so close to 500 maps played at this point since badges were launched. i have received a total of 381 badge components, and we can probably take away 81 of those for distance rewards and to make the math simple. this means that i've seen a 60% drop rate of a component per map since the introduction of the badges, which is pretty good imho.

    on my p2p main account i have bought probably 10 of the large component crates which equals 230 pieces.
    i have 100 badges (100 fragments and 400 components)
    44 fragments
    318 compnents

    no scavenge missions here either. avg 1200-1300 stars per week, so 180-200 maps per week which is approx 600 - 650 total. removing the 230 pieces that i have purchased for the sake of consistency, it means that i have received 632 pieces from maps and distance (make it to 18 - 20 on distance) we can drop 132 for pieces earned from the distance for 500 pieces dropped. this is close to a 75% drop rate per map.

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