Upcoming Changes to the Wrestler Trait - Question For Advocates



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    @Monsuta I believe some tweaking needs to happen with the challenge and The Distance maps, sure. I don’t remember seeing spikey instantly kill me.

    @Mabiki : I can assure you that I have the proof that my lvl 2 common wrestler armour instantly killed walkers consistently. If you want to disagree with me, tha’ts OK. I don’t really care.

    EDIT: Sorry @Mabiki , I take that last comment out. Let’s just say it works 99.99% of the time and I have the video to prove it.
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    @WeekOne Spiked walker instant kill your survivor while on struggling stage if you don't have wrestler trait trigger on the 1st turn, but in 2.8 it'll be instant kill in struggle.
    Winslow will be the king of wrestling in update 2.8.

    #WrestlingKingWinslow in 2.8
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    @paintbeast and.... he had to fight him off, it wasn’t an instant kill ;)
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    @TheLostOnes I wish I had that much power with NG cuz if I did, things would have happened much quicker lol

    OK... I think I’ve answered your question and I’m fairly confident most know what my stance is on wrestler trait so this will be my last post on this thread.

    Have a nice week... Enjoy your challenge this week!

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    I won't argue with "consistently."
    Even "remarkably consistently."
    Just not guaranteed.
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    OK @Mabiki ... have a good week! :)
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    You as well @WeekOne
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    The crappy 20% wrestler seemed to work way more than 1/5... I mean I haven't done a 1,000 sample... but did like 10-15 tries and I'd think it worked all the time. Don't you really think that it worked more than it should? I mean that's my perception at least. I didn't see a real need to get a golden trait, just any trait seemed to work pretty efficiently.

    An alternative to the change could be to lower the chances, but I'm sure that regardless of the final numbers complains will come. It was too good, they are taking out our bazooka, RPG weapon type.....

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    Mabiki said:

    ...The percentage chance might be higher than stated on the armor; but it is not always guaranteed.


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    Who needs wrestler when I got Aaron.

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    > @TheLostOnes said:
    > > @mik81 said:
    > >
    > > Big LOL if you really think NG did it based on any player opinions....
    > Big LOL if you really think that NG wasn't influenced by the leaders of two of the biggest guilds calling for a change -- here on the forum as well as on the direct slack...
    > (I'm not saying NG wanted the opposite but it sure made NG more confident in going down this route with that backing)

    Nah Decisions at Companies are made based on figures in a char not on opinions.

    The change was necessary because they didn't accomplished any company objective with the Distance. They do what they think they need to do regardless any opinion.

    Sorry but I can't agree with your statement, which is totally fine, different opinions is good for a healthy discussion
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    Mystique said:

    I was actually 1 of very few whom actually liked the wrestle armor before the buff! That being said.. we also still had interrupt, luck and dodge that worked efficiently for STRATEGY!!! Seems Wrestle was NGs way of giving us a cookie after stealing our most used and sought after traits!! :)

    It's only a theory, but I actually suspect I might be indirectly responsible for the wrestler buff. I made some kind of taunt to NG that they'd never make wrestler useful. Lo and behold, they did! And I had to eat my words.

    Obviously I can't say for sure whether my taunt had anything to do with it. But I've always wondered...

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    @Pig I found that if you combine common lvl 1 wrestler armor with a common lvl 1 weapon with luck (and obviously remember to spend 70 xp and 10 seconds to upgrade each one) then your wrestling success rate is at about 90-95%.

    And in the 5-10% of the cases you don't kill the walker in the first turn, there's a 90-95% you kill him in the second.

    So maybe the glitch that makes wrestling work more than intended is linked to luck stacking much more than it's supposed to?
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    avelardez said:

    Who needs wrestler when I got Aaron.

    Everybody who don´t have him?
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    > @TheLostOnes said:
    > A good friend of mine recently made his final post here, saying the forum only has value for people who are obsessed with rodents or spreadsheets as NG ignores us completely -- I respectfully disagree with him and you.

    From what I see, you're giving a Like reaction to his comment. But you're actually disagree with him?
    I'm lost.
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