How exactly does NG compare to Scopely the makers of Road To Survival?

Recently quit road to survival because I grew weary of being used by Scopely.
Is NG any better in terms of generosity, clarity about updates, etc?


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    @LordRyder I would say that NG is better. It is just my opinion ofc, but after palying both games that's what I think.

    Let me elaborate this a bit more.
    On this game you can buy stuff not just chances of %. There is of course chances of on some items(Chars, badges...), but you can buy weapon bundles where you know exactly what you are getting and weapons have a great impact on your game.

    Character pulls on RTS are all based on gold, and $, here you can have survivors and level them without paying anything. None of them disclosure any real chances so I won't go there.

    ON RTS was nearly impossible to get the fancy latest 5* without spending a Lot. Here is all about luck and you can and you will get there at some point, $ of course will speed the process.

    On NML you get regularly events that help you a bit, I didn't remember much of that on RTS.

    IN RTS you need to spend regularly big amounts of money if you want to be competitive, hundreds, thousands... ??

    Costumer support is way, way better here than on RTS.

    I'd think there is better communication from NG than from Scopely(this may have changed)

    Try this game and you'll see from yourself. I quit RTS tired of all Scopely BS and I'm playing this game, I felt a big difference at that time.

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    @LordRyder I quit RTS exactly the same reason. I've played NLM since the release. the first 6 months were generous for free players but after that there have been numerous features more or less inspired by RTS. Overall, I agree w @mik81 and the capabilities of 1000USD compared to no-money players is not so distinctive than in RTS.

    NML has weekend and other specials, still quite generous after the public beta phase. But often there is a catch: for example super call special offer 25 phones guaranteed 32 hero tokens meant that NG lowered remarkable rewards of other calls so u like to make only 24 phone calls :D Or if you occasionally get more badge components and eagerly buy 24h gas you will see that you will not see any components any more during full gas etc. Sometimes I personally feel that NG micromanages us :D

    Yes, in NML you get more exact what you want to buy - but it depends. For hard money in Bundle shop u can buy exactly what u like but in game currencies it is more and more lottery with ?-traits of weapons and jackets. Many legendary items are practically useless and trashable. This is not a problem in early stage but quite dismotivative in later levels. In Outpost, which is kind of PvP, the enemy has also nowadays mystery traits.

    Another catch is that u have to get new weapons and clother for every level. Again, the real problem with time consuming arises in later levels. Naturally, all the items u have bought w real money will become obsolete when ur characters will leveling enough.

    Like in RTS, in this game RNG = Random number Generator varies a lot for single players even in same guild. The propability of getting different resources also vary a lot in different day or hour with no logical reason. Sometimes it is a bit like in casino, when lucky is on ur side, play more and stop when ur lucky stops :)

    RTS is technically quite polished, this game has epic volume of bu ... errr .. features :) Updates and the over mess after most of them are almost legendary. It seems that NG does not test updates beforehand, instead testing them in up and running with real players.

    NML is in (too) many way similar to RTS including lottery approach and endless grinding but also free players can basically advance to top ranking in lists, depending on countries playing.

    There are several issues, like some players dies to boredom in grinding and Weekly, both paying and free players. U can look more cons and pros in this forum :)
    - Sabrina, lv60 LVT (Life-TIme Profit), Elder of Suomikilta I-V -
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