How does Luck work?

So I understand that luck increases the chance of other traits activating. I also had the understanding that weapon traits and personal traits we're separate so personal luck trait would help insure that personal traits activate but not weapon traits and Visa virsa... So what good is a 1 star weapon with luck as only trait? Either my understanding of how traits work is off or lucky weapon is useless. I know 1 star weapons are a waste of time, but seeing this one made me think I might need to ask a question...


  • It doesn't matter if a trait is on a weapon or a survivor.
    So that luck on your weapon also helps dodge, accurate, etc on your survivor.
  • Pig said:

    Forget luck. How do magnets work?

    And what about gravity?
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    Not sure but there's probably a Nigerian Prince out there somewhere that can answer both your questions :#
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  • @Coon
    Great question!
    Luck increases any Chance trait (like dodge, retaliate, swift strike, etc) on your survivors & your weapons.

    Luck also "stacks," meaning having it on both your survivor & your weapon further increases the odds of chance traits activating.
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    @Coon I love this question ;p

    Luck stacks but it doesn't add directly to your "chance" traits. It adds the percentage of the total of that chance trait.
    So basically luck will stack onto traits that have the word "chance" in the description. Chance to get bodyshot, chance to bullet dodge, chance to dodge, chance to blah blah blah....those are the traits lucky will have an effect on.

    So if you have 60% chance to interrupt and you have a lucky trait on your survivor at 15%, then your total interrupt chance will increase to 69%.

    The math goes something like this:
    (60 X .15) + 60 = 69

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  • Thanks ya'll.
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    So basically luck will stack onto traits that have the word "chance" in the description. Chance to reduce bodyshot, chance to bullet dodge, chance to dodge, chance to blah blah blah....

    Not body-shot. It's a technicality in the use of words.

    Piercing reads: "x% reduction on body-shot chance".
    Not: " x% chance at no body-shot"

    Piercing is not a chance, body-shot is.

    While luck doesn't work on your "regular" chance at a body-shot.
    And so it will NOT work on piercing (that has the word "chance" in it).
    It should indeed work on the new hazard suit trait that has a chance to be a body-shot.
  • But piercing is still a CHANCE trait because it affect the chance of reducing the possibility of a body shot... Right?
  • No, it is 100% guaranteed reduction on a chance.
  • Accurate is also like this, BUT "critical chance" CAN be increased by luck.

    Just remember your "critical chance" is also dependent on the difference in lvl between you and the walker/freeman.

    But in general, the more accurate, the higher "critical chance", the more luck will help you.
  • > @jimmorrison369 said:
    > No, it is 100% guaranteed reduction on a chance.

    Do you think they could make this any more complicated? Sorry jimmorrison since apparently I'm not too bright, but could you explain this sentence more. Reduction the action or fact of making a specified thing smaller or less in amount, degree, or size.
  • Reduction:
    For example
    Body-shot chance is 90%
    Reduction is 30% (golden piercing)

    90% - 30% = 60%.

    Piercing: guaranteed reduction on body-shot chance.
    Luck not on piercing.
  • @jimmorrison369

    Thanks for that info!! Now I understand what you meant. ;)
  • @jimmorrison369
    But what's the percent chance of power Strike working after moving survivor? Do you have a graph too help me understand?

    ... ***Sarcastic post alert***
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