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Update 2.8

Season 8 Missions
- To celebrate and explore the world of The Walking Dead's eighth season, we are bringing you another set of missions based on the episodes of the TV show! Available each Monday, starting at 12:00 UTC, these missions follow the survivors of The Walking Dead and offer another glimpse and angle into the events of that week's episode of the show.

New Hero: Jerry!
- Ezekiel's loyal and faithful companion and bodyguard, Jerry joins the cast of Heroes in No Man's Land. As a strong and capable Warrior, Jerry is ready to rush into any danger to save his King and your survivors.
- Jerry features a new Leader Trait, "Bodyguard": When Jerry or an adjacent ally is damaged, there is a 35% chance [upgradable to 60%] that the damage is reduced by 50%"
Collect Jerry tokens and unlock him for your team by completing the new Season 8 missions. Bonus tokens can be won if you complete each Season 8 mission in the week that it is first released.

Council Upgradable to Lvl 22!
- Players at Council Level 21 and Camp Level 63 will be able to upgrade their to Council to Level 22, which in turn allows upgrades to your Workshop, Training Grounds, and Supplies Storage buildings, along with the opportunity to build additional Tents. With a new level of power for your survivors and Equipment, you will be able to face tougher Challenges, venture further into the Distance, and earn greater Rewards than ever before!
- With these new buildings and upgrades, the new maximum Survivor Level will be 23, and Level 23 Weapons and Armor can be upgraded to Level 26.

New Traits:
Armor Traits
- [Assault, Hunter, and Shooter Armor] Sniper Harness: Deal 15% more and take 10% less damage while in cover. [Silver: 25 / 20%; Gold: 35 / 30%]
- [All classes] Training Gear: Get 20% more Experience from kills by this survivor. [Silver: 30%; Gold: 40%]
- [Bruiser, Scout, and Warrior Armor] Hazard Suit: Take 50% less damage from fire. All attacks against this survivor have a 10% chance to be Body Shots. [Silver 60 / 15%; Gold: 70 / 20%]

The Distance: Normal and Hard Difficulties!
After the Introduction of The Distance in the previous update, the bravest and most daring players have struck out into the unknown to battle the hardest enemies ever in No Man's Land. We're bringing a similar experience to even more players by creating two tiers of difficulty for the Distance: Normal and Hard modes!

Hard Mode
- The version of The distance that was added with update 2.7 is now known as The Distance: Hard Mode. With enemies ranging from difficulty 18 through 40 and above, it is the toughest series of missions ever found in No Man's Land. Players of Council Level 18 and up can continue to fight against these enemies and earn Components, Hero and Class Tokens, and more; and may someday unlock Aaron [who remains exclusive to the Distance: Hard Mode] for use in their teams.

Normal Mode
- For players of Council Level 12 and up, a new set of missions is available - The Distance: Normal Mode! These missions have the same maps, enemy types, and victory conditions as Hard Mode, but the missions range in difficulty from 10 to 20 and up. Rewards for these missions are primarily aimed at helping players between Council Levels 12 and 20 upgrade their camps and train their survivors; they'll find large quantities of Supplies and XP, as well as some Rare and Epic Equipment and Hero tokens along the way.

Selecting a Distance Mode
- When you start The Distance, you can select from among difficulties that you have unlocked. You will be locked into the Distance Mode you select and cannot change the difficulty setting until the event ends or you use the Restart feature.

Guild Suggestions
For the players who have not yet joined a Guild, the game now offers a guild for them to join. We look for a best possible fit for the players based on geographical proximity, finding guilds that are actively looking for members, and the Council level of the players. In addition Guilds can now select a style of Guild they want to have (Active, Hardcore and Casual) that further helps players to find the type of Guild they want to join!

Challenge Mode Balance
Players have been engaging with the Challenges and collecting Stars for months now, and we're continually impressed with the ingenuity and community spirit that our players and Guilds have shown. However, for players at and near the maximum levels, there has been some concern that the adjustments of difficulty and round progression that occur when players upgrade their teams is not most beneficial for everyone. To better achieve this goal, we are changing the way some aspects of Challenge Difficulty are calculated.

Starting Difficulty and Difficulty progression are still based on the levels of your survivors as before, but all survivors of level 20 and higher are considered equal for the purposes of calculating the Starting Difficulty and Difficulty progression of the Challenges.

Players with three of more survivors of Level 20 or greater will play Challenges with the following details:

Starting Difficulty: 14.
Single rounds for difficulties 14 through 18.
Three rounds per difficulty from Difficulty 19 through 29.
Four rounds per difficulty for the remainder of the Challenge.

Challenge Round Passes
An adjustment to the way Round Passes are earned will make it easier to know when to expect them. Starting with the first Challenge after the update, Challenge Rounds that are skipped will count towards the collection of future Round Passes. You will earn a Round Pass after completing rounds 5, 10, 15, and so on. In addition, if you want to check the number of Rounds you need to complete to earn your next Round Pass, tap the Round Pass icon on the Challenge screen and check out the tooltip that appears.
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