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I found this video extremely interesting... the game itself that's being discussed is completely irrelevant to me (so generally speaking, so were the first 5-6 minutes of the video), but the discussion on the topics of F2P vs P2W, microtransactions, the lack of transparency concerning the chances of getting certain items in game, and how progress is intentionally slowed down to encourage microtransactions. was extremely interesting.

Let me be clear, I'm not trying to beat up anyone over their business model as this is very clearly a business model that's not only prevalent in the mobile game world, but now in the platform game world as well. In fact, the discussion about how much certain companies and games make off of microtransactions that's @ about the 15 minute mark makes it very, very clear why this is a compelling business model for game developers. The microtransaction income for mainstream gaming companies and mainstream titles is absolutely mind blowing.

@ the 23 minute mark we can see that every game has a @DLich. :wink:
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    @Bill_ZRT about 8 min in they discussed how the game they were reviewing was gambling (in short). That you spend money to get a chance at getting a game piece. Hmmm, That sounds familiar (badges). Interesting, but way too long for me to finish since my attention is programmed to be less than 30 seconds
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    In Germany recently they discussed also about LootCrates in terms of Youth Protection.
    Currently they don't think that LootCrates are gamble. But my opinion is that it's all a matter of time that it will be prohibited or rated < 16years.
    When this happens Game Designer need to rethink their models but I think this will be good for the industry and will bring out better games.
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    If you think about it, it triggers all the same emotions. And this game hits you all the way through play. Tokens, crates, badges, and what ever comes next. Addictive.
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