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DeadFamily is a long standing NML guild that is filled to overflowing with great people. Literally overflowing we've decided to expand.

From this point forward there will be three DeadFamily guilds, DeadFamily and DeadFamily2 and DeadFamily3

DeadFamily will continue to be as it has always been, a great guild where people become friends and expand their enjoyment of the game, and support each other by contributing as they are able to the guilds overall star count. There is a democratically chosen minimum star requirement of 400, but this is set to encourage activeness and to make guild membership as rewarding in the game (Trade Goods!) as it is in our chat group on Line. Those of you with your eyes on the leaderboard will easily recognize that this guild is not shooting for global domination, but those on the inside can attest that we are of champion caliber. DeadFamily2 250 star minimal & DeadFamily3 has a 250 star Minimal!

DeadFamily2 & DeadFamily3 will be an extension of our chat group, potentially increasing our Family to 60 members, but will also serve as home to those members who want to take a break from the game without feeling guilt or pressure to keep up with a minimum when they aren't able to keep it up. This group will also serve as a home to new players looking for a guild to help them better understand and grow in the game, without imposing expectations upon them that might be difficult to achieve at low levels.

Rotation in and out of all our DeadFamily guilds is totally possible and part of the reason for the set up. If you're a veteran DeadFamily member and need a break, roll into DeadFamily2 or DeadFamily3 for as long as you need while still being part of the family. If you're leveling up and are at the point where a commitment to the guilds success is something you can take on, roll into DeadFamily and enjoy in the Trade Good rewards that come from a fully active guild.

Whichever of our in game guild you are a part of, you will be part of the DeadFamily. We have an active Line chat group where we brag about our accomplishments, share tips and game strategies we pick up, answer questions about the game or just cut up and have some fun with friendly people. We aren't here to recruit you into a cult. We aren't here to get your help in climbing to the highest peaks of the leaderboard. We are looking for people who want to make new friends and enjoy the game together and share together in the rewards of success.

If this sounds like somewhere you'd like to be, leave a note, send a message and look for us in the game!

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