Fix the wrestler bug already!

You did take your time to nerf the wrestler trait to oblivion...
Now also take time the well known bug: if all living survivors go into wrestle, then the mission ends with failed without using the wrestler trait. It was before 2.8 and after as well. Do your job, or try to hire ppl who can actually write a halfway working code.


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    It's not a bug. It's always been like this. If all your survivors are in a struggle, how's any going to get help?
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  • If one of them kills a walker in 2 turns (how the wrestler works now) why shall be any help?
  • Btw previously was also able (theoretically) to kill a walker in the 2nd round without external help. E.g. silver wrestler did not have 100% chance of killing the walker, to me happened several times that it was only killed in 2nd or 4rd round. So previously was also a bug. Try to use your common sense before posting bs.
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    This is not a bug.
    The rule is: if at the ending of your turn all your survivors are either dead or in struggle, you lose.
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  • Nice that you have imaginary rules popping out of your head, but I am not interested, thanks. This is a bug report, not a discussion for some noobs. Go away, thanks.
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    @R03 let’s keep things civil.

    It’s been that way and it’s explained clearly on the FAQ.

    What is Struggle?
    When a survivor is low on health, they can be too weak to fight against attacking walkers and get in a struggle. You won’t be able to use them until you save them by killing the walker with another survivor.

    If all your team members get stuck in struggle, you lose the mission automatically.

    There is a time limit on the struggles. If you can’t free your struggling survivor in three turns, the walker will overpower them and you lose the mission.
  • With the change (and also before) it is clearly possible to free the survivor without outer help. I understand, that you are lazy enough to give "its a feature, not a bug" comments on a clearly bug issue, but reconsider please.
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    You are in the wrong section of the forum.
    Go to suggestions.
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    Let's keep things civil. Closed, question answered. Good idea to post this in the suggestion portion of the forum.
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