Episode 11.3 Hard Mode

Want to thank you for this pointless level. I have a lvl 15 warrior and lvl 15 shooter both with maxed out lvl 17 leg gear. After multiple attempts and 100's of BODY SHOTS that seem to do absolutely nothing against a lvl 19 big walker...I give up. All you need to do is flee after clearing graves but by then you have that big flippen Ahole amongst lvl 20 walkers who are unbeatable. I'm sure a lot of you have had success with this lvl tell me how??? I swear I hit that big sob with 12 attacks and still not dead...


  • NecroboogieNecroboogie Member Posts: 1,108
    Upgrade your gear, you should be killing walkers in 2-3 hits even with body shots, tanks take 5-6 especially with body shots. You need a hunter in that mix to hit more than 1 walker at a time. The hunter doesn't need to get the kills, just tenderize em, which is better for you so you don't get the huge spawns.
  • 我是云云我是云云 Member Posts: 25
    don't use shooter, just warrior and scout. i don't think the level of those big walkers are that high. i think they are level 17, 17 and 19. You can take done that 19 one with level 16 warrior's help once you rescued him/her.
  • CapletonCapleton Member Posts: 441
    I think most players did 11.3 without any gunfire.

    I used scout&warrior, both with luck and dodge traits. Needed more than one try on hard mode but succeeded.

    11.6 is way harder for me...
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  • MizifuuMizifuu Member Posts: 62
    I did it with scout/warrior combo. Only important thing to me was interrupt (scout) to pass through that fat level 19.

  • HelioHelio Member Posts: 522
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    I too have tried and failed with war + shooter... as these are my top survivors... I do well until the last fatty shows up (lvl 18).. and even with 2 war (1 with special) and my shooter with special... couldn't take him down... and then i got overrun when the next wave hit... Zoson has a vid on youtube (search for zoson) and he used war + hunter... I might have to try that next...

  • deadwalkingdeadwalking Member Posts: 48
  • ElsissaElsissa Member Posts: 26
    U need to finish 12-3 first and use that lvl 18 scout for 11-3, yw
  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    I did it warrior + hunter. No level 18 scout required at all.
  • B_GrlB_Grl Member Posts: 111
    I did it with hunter & warrior. But now the rescued survivor is only level 11. So they can't help and actually makes it harder because they have to be protected.
  • Camel56Camel56 Member Posts: 550
    Was odd for me. I ran into this one with a scout and warrior, and got killed twice. Maxed out my other warrior with the quick upgrade time and went in a third time with 2 lvl 16 warriors.

    Killed the 4 loose walkers after I tripped the first trap. Lined up around the top right trap, and killed the first big tank. First spawn wave allowed me to recharge one warrior. Hit the second trap and big tank. Cleared the bottom two traps, and topped off a warrior ready for the big guy...but he didn't show! I cautiously moved toward the exit, but he never showed!

    Either he was afraid of me, or I broke the game. Either way, I managed to get through this by accident.
  • KlorelKlorel Member Posts: 32
    Just did this ep. on hard mode, used 2 lvl 16 warriors with upgraded gear/weapons. Made sure I had one warrior with charge rdy for each tank. Ran through the mission without losing health. I kept my warriors close together so they could back eachother up. Takes a bit more time but makes sure you will complete the mission without any problems.

    By using 2 warriors (or if you want a other combo of melee survivors) you won't cause extra threat. This makes it that you only get 2 spawns turning up and that the other tank on your way to the exit will not spawn.

    Hope this helps you guys out who still need to do this mission.
  • cyanidecyanide Member Posts: 5
    When I do this mission on hard mode, the survivor that I had to save was a lvl 14 warrior -_- Also when I free the survivor it will run back to the point where he/she was trapped.
    Is this a bug ??
  • sborgsborg Member Posts: 562
    Finally made it in Nightmare mode. Had tried assault/hunter, shooter/hunter. Used bruiser/shooter and it was relatively easy. Make sure both survivors are in critical mode when taking on the fatties. Move the bruiser to the trap, unleash the critical hit, fire two shots from the shooter, rinse and repeat. Also, make sure the shooter is in critical mode when the warrior is moved near the exit. You'll need it for the spawn.

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