The end of the Melee classes

Right I know this has been done to death! But I thought I'd chuck my thoughts into the mix.

As I understand it the whole point of the wrestler trait adjustment was to "re-balance" the game. In actual fact it's done the complete opposite. In a single stroke it has rendered all melee survivors obsolete at high levels (I'm talking RSL 28/29+ whereby a single hit can be an instant struggle). Those that know me and my style of play know that I am more of a melee kinda guy. It strikes me as completely mental that this kind of change to the game has been made with almost no-one at Ng listening to the vast majority of players who didn't want this change to be made!

I'm by no means an "elite" player, but I've been playing the game an awfully long time, and have a reasonable idea of game mechanics etc. Rather than having both melee or ranged tactics at high levels, now the only viable high level tactics are either Sasha + 2 ranged, or Abe plus 2 ranged. The melee / threat reduction tactic is now almost worthless. Melee survivors by their very nature take hits. The tactics and skill involved in ensuring that you still achieved your aim (e.g. Finishing the mission) whilst keeping your 3 survivors alive in my view are considerably better than using Sasha and 2 assaults on an endless charged attack loop to finish a mission. This is meant to be a tactical strategic game not a shoot em up!

Tactics and skill are now completely out of the window, and star totals are now going to be based almost completely on who has the strongest heroes (well Sasha and Abe at least, as all the others are completely useless) and most pinkie range survivors. I cannot see how the game can be any more unbalanced!

The majority of players in the game are involved in guild play. I appreciate some might primarily play outposts and this new distance farce, but the overwhelming majority are playing the weekly challenge for their guild. The whole point of any game is for it to be fun, and part of that fun is "beating the game" - pushing on farther than before, beating your previous high scores etc. This "balancing change" has not only led to the game now becoming completely unbalanced but has taken a huge part of the fun out of it.

The whole thing screams of a knee jerk reaction after it was proven that a squad of level 9 scouts with wrestle armour could defeat the "unbeatable" distance. It's not our fault that you embarrassed yourselves with that daft claim, and you were made to look pretty stupid! There were other ways that the wrestle trait could have been adjusted that didn't completely spanner half of my survivors in one go, not to mention all the time, money and effort that thousands of players had invested into gear with the wrestle trait.

Whilst I agree that it was stupid that a level 7 scout could take out a level 37 fattie, that was your mistake Ng, not ours!

I play this game and spend money on it because it's fun, not because it's "balanced" or whatever. You've just taken a big part of the fun out of it. Bravo Ng, Bravo!


  • t777jbt777jb Member Posts: 28
    The bright side is that you now get to harvest 100 million tomatoes to advance all your buildings to the next level. That should be fun...right?
  • MuzzMuzz Member Posts: 74
    Not as much fun as finding out my wrestle and stun resist armour no longer worked. That was a real hoot.
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