Post update 2.8 FAQ - Any compensation to Level 63 players for level 21 equipment in crates

Teeceezy wrote

Why am I getting receiving level 21 equipment from the Trade Good Shop?
- This has happened due to the way we calculate Player Level brackets which determine the level of equipment received from certain types of items in the Trade Good Shop. We are planning on fixing this so, that at Player Level 63 you’ll again be guaranteed level 22 equipment, with a chance of getting level 23 gear.

After the update, I started getting Level 21 Equipment in the Challenge and Deluxe Crates. I stopped opening legendary crates from the fear of getting worthless level 21 equipment.

So @Teeceezy @Fearofabotplanet will we be getting something in compensation for the error.

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    Jackpot event this weekend is sounding better and better.
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    No, no compensation is on the cards. Scratch that. You'll be contacted in case you received wrong level gear.
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    Does that also apply for gear from challenge crates? All of my gear from those has been level 21 and that was a real bummer...
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