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I'm questioning which to upgrade first, training grounds or workshop.

I'd usually go for workshop first.
Giving time to upgrade equipment while gathering supplies for training grounds upgrade.
Then using xp from scrapping old equipment to use for upgrading survivors.

But as I don't have a lot of lvl23 equipment I'm wondering if by upgrading training grounds first I'll get more lvl23 equipment drops.

Thoughts anyone?
I have others in my guild with the same question so I'm guessing many are thinking along simular lines.
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    I always do it the other way, because once you have level 23 survivors of each class, you can buy level 23 guaranteed leg gear from the shop. While I'm upgrading 6 survivors, I farm supplies and by the time I have enough for Workshop, I have a survivor in each class upgraded, and at least a couple of useful items to start upgrading. Then I switch to XP farming and do survivors and gear at the same time until my survivors are done, while still buying more gear.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.
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    I'm fairly awful at this game and others are certainly much better at both the strategy and 'math' aspects of NML, but it would seem to me that since the penalty for upgrading survivors has been at least temporarily fixed with 2.8 that there's no downside to upgrading your Training Grounds first. You can use those bonuses from leveling your survivors immediately as opposed to working on gear and 'banking it' until you get enough XP to start leveling your survivors.

    Prior to this update, I would typically upgrade gear first because I knew having X number of max level of survivors would impact my starting (and in some case repeat) RSLs, but since that's not the case with 2.8, I don't see any disadvantage to upgrading your TGs first.
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  • General_QuatreGeneral_Quatre Member Posts: 990
    Right. Also, when you upgrade survivors, your RSL for scavenging goes up, yielding you more supplies as the reward and in post-mission crates.
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    Also, the legendary weapon rewards in the distance are tied to survivor level. So you'll have 2 level 23 weapons/armour a week to get from that if you upgrade TG first
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    I do the the work shop first only because I have a solid level 23 weapon already in each class so by the time I get my training grounds ready and start upgrading my fighter as soon as they get out of the training grounds they have weapons to use for action.
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    I'd usually go for workshop first too but I'm thinking if I have lvl23 survivors the lvl23 equipment drops will increase and what will be in TG shop.
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