Unable to level up

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Hi folks,

I am at level 58, I have 1,077 of 1,250 Building Points

All my buildings are at maximum level and there are no more new buildings which I can build

I can’t see how I can progress to Council level 20 because I am unable to gain anymore Building Points

Can anyone share with me a resolution?

Thanks and regards,


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    hi! i'm at 63 and cant remember what all was upgradable at that time. have u double checked ur walker pit to see if it will upgrade and maybe the mission car where u get ur gas? those things can be forgotten when ur upgrading. there's a lot of people on here that keep notes for the different lvls and they'll probably pop in to help u with ur checklists. but those r the one's i could think of that u may have forgotten.
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    Ok guys thank you for your responses,

    I’m not sure what you mean about the walker pit so this sounds like a likely candidate

    Please can you expand on this for me? Sorry to be thick :)

    I have rechecked the car and indeed every other building but I’m not sure what the Walker pit is, thanks again
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    @medic This is the walker pit:

    There is NO higher rarity when we use all legendary to craft the badge, we are being punished for having a chance to get LOWER rarity.
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    Hi folks,

    Thanks again, thanks for the screenshot Monsuta

    I don’t seem to have this structure available, Is this something to be purchased?

  • medicmedic Member Posts: 7
    Here is a screenshot of my game, the Walker pit location in Monsuta’s screenshot appears to be a tree in mine, perhaps this is because you can place it where you want it?

    I can’t get the Walker pit from the bui
    ldings, only
    tents are listed for which I need to level up

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    When did you last update the game?
    It may be that simple.

    I see a few buildings missing from what I see. Did you have Outpost, or Two Crafting Buildings?

    Not sure what the storing of fuel is for?
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    @medic , click missions then outpost, you need to complete the outpost tutorial to unlock those buildings.
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    Thanks zbot, I will try that now then

    I don’t do much attacking, I just collect things and do the occasional portion of a mission

    So it probably is because I haven’t completed enough of the game as zbot says

    Thanks again everyone for your pointers, help, observations and time

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    Spot on guys,

    I just completed the outpost as per zbot’s instructions and I now have two shiny new buildings, an Oupost and the Walker Pit, it’s no surprise to you all the my Building Points are now rising

    I’m a bit embarrassed that I had to ask here, I should play more and collect less ;)

    Thanks yet again everyone,

  • medicmedic Member Posts: 7
    An addendum,

    to all who have helped or have read this thread

    I’m now at level 61 and playing well as you can see, (I was level 58 when I was stuck and started this thread)

    Thanks again everyone it’s a great game and I am really enjoying it again now that I can progress

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    Hey folks,

    I’m at level 67 and maxed out on food supplies. I cant spend them or upgrade anything any further. When can we expect some new upgrades to the game to allow us to continue to play? It gets pointless when you feel you have reached the end. Thanks and great game, I love playing.?

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    @Dwayne current max is 67, occasionally there are supply to gear exchange in the TG shop. There is an update coming (TBA). Please feel free to start a new thread as this thread was for a different issue and over 30 Days (no necro rule).
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