Any strategies to unstuck an upgrade loop?

I'm stuck in an upgrade loop. I cannot upgrade my survivor because I can't upgrade my training ground because I can't upgrade my council because I can't upgrade my survivor.


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    I'm not sure if I completely understand your situation, but upgrading your council is dependant on your player level not your survivors.

    Your player level is located in the top left hand corner and increases as you construct buildings and upgrade them. If I understand your situation correctly you probably need to upgrade other buildings a bit before it will allow you to develop your council.

    Click on your council, try to upgrade it and see if this is the case if it mentions player level matey.
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    Welcome to the forum @CharleeT !

    As @Scowley mentioned buildings are based on player level not survivor level, for additional assistance, please check out the following.

    I can't upgrade my building!
    If you want to upgrade your building in the camp, always check if you meet the requirements for the upgrade.

    Buildings always require you to have:
    a certain player level
    a certain Council level
    a certain amount of resources available in storage
    Tap on the building you want to upgrade and then tap on the information button, shown as "i". This will bring up the information window and state the requirements for upgrading this particular building.
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    Thank you guys! I think I just had my wires crossed, thanks for untwisting them. :-)
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