Halloween Forum Competition - Pumpkin Competition!

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Behold, forum goers, the Halloween Competition Badge!

The walking dead have risen from the ground and walk the earth in search of human flesh! It's Halloween, the spookiest time of the year so we're having a forum competition to celebrate. To earn the Halloween Competition Badge you'll need to submit a picture of your Halloween pumpkin! All pumpkin entires will earn the badge, and the winner of the competition will win the Halloween Bundle (Bloody Lucille, 1500 Gold, 75 Phones, 5000 Trade Goods!). There'll also be a few runners up prizes for second and third place (Radio Bundles).

How to enter: Submit a picture of your Halloween Pumpkin, simple as that. Points will be awarded for effort, originality and execution. BIG Bonus points will be awarded to any submission which has a Walking Dead and/or No Man's Land theme! You don't have to have carved the pumpkin yourself (it can be a friend, family member, beloved pet, neighbour, zombie neighbour or whoever else who makes the pumpkin, but only original entires will be eligible for the badge and the prize - no google pumpkins please).

The competition will run up until November 1st at 14:00 UTC, giving you the entire halloween weekend and the day of Halloween itself to add your submission.

Get those creative juices flowing and the pumpkin guts spilling. Good luck and happy carving!



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