Is The Distance Late?

I thought The Distance was supposed to begin at 12 pm UTC. Right now it is 12:05 pm UTC but the game says The Distance will begin in 55 minutes. I noticed the same thing on Monday when the season mission was an hour late and the weekend event went an hour longer than it was supposed to do. I thought it was a fluke then, but is this a new thing? Is it going to start at 1 pm UTC from now on? Or does this have to do with daylight savings coming early in some countries?

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  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Posts: 2,077
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    Thanks for the response @Fearofabotplanet . I just looked up on Wikipedia, and Finland had its time change last Sunday, while the USA will be this coming Sunday. But I thought the point of using UTC was so that we wouldn't get mixed up with time changes?

    Anyhow, you may want to adjust this in your news announcements. Last weekend it said the events would end at 12 pm UTC and they did not.


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