Alexandria - Gate Crashing map

Not sure if the walkers on this map are supposed to act differently to the rest but they seem to get extra attacks in, attack as soon as they spawn and sometimes seem to move twice in one move etc.
I've started moving the two survivors that aren't opening the gate right into the middle of the road to avoid the walkers when they spawn.
Is this a bug or is it something I'm not understanding?


  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    I don't remember if this happens in "Gate Crashing" but it definitely happens in "Big Boss".
    It's common in many challenge missions for walkers to attack soon as they spawn.
    You need to position your survivors at a distance from where they spawn.
    Or the best strategy is to kill the last walker in overwatch, therefore not allowing walkers to spawn immediately and not attacking on spawn.
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  • enCryptenCrypt Member Posts: 29
    Thanks TJS, I do always try to position away from the spawning points, but I'll also try the overwatch trick too, thankyou
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