I don't know if I can do this show anymore

I'm late, but I just watched the first episode of the new season. Bleh. Rick and his crew are at Negan's place to attempt to kill him, okay. Negan walks out unprotected. Hey, just shoot him. Why don't you just shoot him. Hey, someone shoot him please. No. If he's essential to the plot and needs to live, don't put him in that situation. Oh, now we're counting and going to shoot and miss him. Okay. Let's just shoot at the building for ten minutes instead. Meh. I just don't know.


  • I'm an avid reader of the comics.

    That being said, after 4 episodes of season 8, and seeing today's episode 5 (all spoilers from the comics aside), I think a lot of things are about to fall into place. Things got bad in Season 7, and even i thought 7 was boring, All I'll say is, if you hate the timeline of the current season of the walking dead, there are scenes (without spoiling the comic timeline) that could bring the entire season 8 storyline to a head, and bring something real to the table. Hold out and wait. I believe something is brewing.

    If I'm wrong, I will quit this show, too.
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  • Yes indeed... Something is brewing
    Combining the shows TWD and FTWD is not a good ideal but there going to
    Two totally different soap opera's ....for the love of zombie's nooooo !!
    Oh well here comes more chit chat and less action again
    If the zombie's weren't already dead I think they kill them selves :smirk:
  • @Tommy78
    I agree with you 100% on shooting Negan
    You go there to shoot him and b.s. instead !!
    Shoot first then ask questions and shoot again
  • The show is horrible at the moment. I still have hope though, but we desperately need a new showrunner and QUALITY writing and direction.
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    I think they chose not to shoot Negan because the point was to bring that large herd down on the Sanctuary. Rick and Maggie were seeking surrender from Negan and the Saviors and, if there was no surrender, they needed to trap the leaders of the outposts inside while the allied communities took down the outposts while without their leaders. Rick does say, "My mercy prevails over my wrath."

    While taking out the outposts doesn't destroy the Saviors, it has the potential to cripple them, potentially bringing surrender, as well as another community of people into the alliance. Negan has one thing right; people are resources. The allied communities can be stronger with the people at the sanctuary (we've all already seen how there is internal tension and workers ready to revolt)

    We'll have to see what happens after/if the Saviors handle that herd outside their doors.
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  • After a slow season 7 the show has really picked up,plenty of action and great story,really enjoying this season,I just hope Jesus stops being so soft on the saviours though but I think something will happen to change his mind,brilliant show love it ☺☺☺
  • If he show can kill the tiger (Sheba), they can kill all of the saviors. Kill Negan too. They are not saviors they are deplorable destroyers. Jesus is not a savior in the soft sense of the word.
  • Another show ....another disappointment !
    The show use to make sense and couldn't wait for next episode
    Now the writing and acting doe's not make any sense and show seems more like a teenager drama queen writing it ??
    Did the writer from beginning die and become a zombie ?
    Really need to Nix the Negan crap now....way way over done story...boring
    Also .....the show is about Zombie's too ....what happen to all the Zombies ?
    Did the Zombie's die of Boredom too !!
  • Oh by the way....really ??????
    Karl got bitten .....we going to kill off another main character ?
    I really don't want to see Rick at 90 years old still acting stupid in the show
    Kill Rick off first and Karl can take over as leader....change must come soon !!
  • I don't think current season spoilers are allowed. Not complaining as I've seen the episode, I'm just saying.

    Tho I will say, this particular plot twist deviates in a BIG way from the comics that leaves a LOT that needs to be covered before the end of the All Out War scenario. They better come up with some solid writing to cover this twist or this show isn't going to just go down hill, its gonna go base jumping without a parachute. I agree that this show was better with Frank Darabont (I think that's his name and the correct spelling) at the helm. Scott Gimple hasn't brought in the greatest show runners.
    "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery." - Thomas Jefferson

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  • I don't think current season spoilers are allowed. Not complaining as I've seen the episode, I'm just saying.

    This subforum is called "TV Show Discussion." Spoilers should be expected.
  • I haven't read much of the comics, but I'm getting tired of moral issues coming and going.

    Geez, the same characters changing their minds over and over again, they are devolving when it should be the exact opposite! Morgan is unbearable to watch, Jesus... WTF Jesus!

    I always stood up for the show when people around me pointed it was turning into a yawn factory. And today... Well, it's a friggin' soap opera and on top of it, one that doesn't even makes sense.

    And now we have to believe that Negan and the Saviors can pull a perfectly coordinated blitzkrieg after being under siege and allegedly low on ammo... Oooook

    Even being a little curious about how they plan to advance the plotline, I'm nowhere near as impatient I used to be with previous seasons. It's the dreaded "Meh" getting closer to me? Dunno for sure.
  • Exactly my thoughts @Mabiki, you expressed them way better than me haha.

    And the saddest part is the potential that had this show. They have literally seasons to produce in the comics. They have the source material to adapt, but instead try to reinvent the wheel. I saw once in another forum someone comparing Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead (the TV shows), and the last point was that GoT had the problem of having to close the story on their own because the last two books are still to come out. TWD didn't have to worry about that, but, here we are.

    Maybe they are giving up and trying to wrap the show up quickly. No, that doesn't make sense either, at least not while money is still incoming.
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    Another wonderful TWD moment. Let's have Rick waste two guns worth of ammo shooting at Negan from far away so that when you're near him, you can't shoot him. That's classic waste of time drama writing to prolong the event and make things exciting. We can't have Rick walk up to Negan with a machine gun while Negan holds a baseball bat, that'd be dumb. We have to get Rick to waste all his ammo. Okay, write it up.
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