Not able to max anymore in challenge without spending gold or money



  • tallinietallinie Member Posts: 407
    Unless there was some age rating for this game, I would try to use child labour to grind weekly challenges up to reasonable difficulty level. Now I must wait for game balance changes to happen in unforeseeable future before playing challenges again.
  • fredtalksfredtalks Member Posts: 2
    Have to say that I agree the grind is too much. People will stop playing.

    Will someone from NextGames respond to this important thread? Will the grind be reduced a bit?
  • tabernactabernac Member Posts: 807
    J_Law said:

    Remember you high level players who want to have the guild challenge start at 25 or 30,(and for real honestly how much further can you go, and then you will still complain) there are low level players who barely make it to round 15 or 20. So people want to make it impossible for others just because youre bored or not challenged enough? Please think of others when making these complaints, because pretty soon , new players wont be able to play and have fun. I know alot of level 20 to 22 players can barely make it to round 12 in the distance hard mode. Same goes for lower level players barely making it to 19. I do honestly see it from both sides, that grind gets old fast. But barely earning stars as newbie with everything high level sucks.

    This is why out of my two suggestions I like #2 the best:

    - Allow players (even if there is a reasonable gold fee involved) to skip forward to whatever round they last had a perfect score on in the previous challenge (minus two). For example if you make it to 27.3 in a challenge, with perfect stars in one challenge, the next challenge you are given the option to skip to round 25.3.

    More options are better than less options. If you're a low level player or a high level player you have the option to grind to your hearts content, or the option to skip forward if you've got a busy week. It would be a choice that you would make at the start of each challenge.
  • JerryDixonJerryDixon Member Posts: 387
    @tabernac maybe The Distance is a test drive of your idea.
    Jerry Dixon
  • OlivierOlivier Member Posts: 30
    > @Governator said:
    > What would be nice is if NG just offered the 16 Gas for 800K in Supplies in the TG Shop with every restock. There would be a lot of happy players and more gas for the challenge or whatever else you wanted to do.

    Its not all about the gas, it's about the time...
  • OlivierOlivier Member Posts: 30
    > @J_Law said:
    > When will people just be happy to play this game? I remember the guild challenges...
    > I hope theres a way that people can just play a free game and be happy. We should focus on fighting the walkers ... not eachother!!! I wish everyone good luck on the challenge!

    Sorry I shortened your answer (only to make it easier to read (people can still read your original comment.

    Well, the thing is, I never complained when I was a low level player. It's pretty normal that a lower level can't keep up with a high level player. I wasn't able to beat the top players in my guild at the start but what I tried to do is to start making reputation in my guild by earning more stars than I should for my level. That was my goal and I think I pretty much succeeded.

    Now that I'm a high level player the grind is too long and not only because my survivors are better now but because the game has changed... more grinding.

    They introduced round passes, and then... yes again... they changed it, with... you can already guess... more grinding. More grinding WITH round passes than it was before the round passes. So where's the point in that?
  • BalubanBaluban Member Posts: 44
    I would'nt mind if NG doubled the price for gas boosters if it means less grind!
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