Stupid episodes

I'm not sure which one is most stupid, zombies, episode designer or me who plays this game.
There are several episodes that are totally stupid and I hate that episode designer insults us with them.
10-4 Blockade: You walk on highway and your task is to push cars to make a blokade on the road, but same time zombies crawl under side railings and try to kill you. So why I need to make a blokade that doesn't stop zombies crossing that road. Or are those Pavlov's zombies that know only how to crawl under side railing when they hear enough gunshots?

10-3 Truck no more and 10-2 Clearance: Open containers full of zombies so they can attack you and kill em. Why would I want to open container that has zombies locked inside and finally there isn't any reward in those containers unless I count those zombie bites that container opening guy gets? He must be masochist or stupid or are there some bar where those guys compare their zombie bites and who has most of them gets the girl?

Every mission, where you stand next to car front tire and zombie stands in front of car just one step away, but you cannot see it, because car blocks your view. I know that American cars are larger than Japanese, but I'm sure that any of my fellow zombie killers aren't short people, so they should see that zombie over that hood.

There are lots of other design flaws in this game, but somehow it still is (at least has been) quite enjoyable. Also there isn't much similar games like this. There are some but those I have tried are bad when comparing this.


  • LawdogLawdog Member Posts: 836
    Eh,agreed with limitations and speculations(That's Rick talking..TPB!)

    Games don't make sense man,that's the point-we all get a little TOO much reality..we need to escape reality.
  • AdamantiumAdamantium Member Posts: 77
    It's a GAME man. Chill
  • LawdogLawdog Member Posts: 836
    Further machinations,yea..I had to google that word,tried spelling it 10x and Steve Jobs ghost kept fucking with me.

    I digress.

    Game(s) ain't never gonna be perfect,but this game is pretty damned close.

    ("Your nuts!")

    Lemme finish...this drinky poo.

    As I was a pretty good game-but it's the fokes on here that make it a great game.Who else,but miscreants would be attracted to an appocolypse as an escape from reality.

    Join the Dark side my friend.
  • DERRICKDERRICK Member Posts: 329
    Haha.. Yeah Container episodes are kinda stupid. But dont ask yourself to much questions about level design. Sure could there be better scenarios. 1. Grocerie or medical runs in a mall and you have to open the door and kill everything to get the goods. 2. Mission Car is broken and you need to get parts from a store which gets over run by walkers. 3. They find a army base and wants the weapons which are behind a door full of tanks..
    ... .... ...... ...... ....... ... ......
  • AhexAhex Member Posts: 78
    Derrick you gave good scenarios. I just wonder how they have designed this game. Is it made like Doom and many others that even moron can do new scenarios just throwing obstacles and monsters on the field or is it harder process?

    Adamantium I know this is a game. I can still discuss about it. This game is based on a tv-show, which is based on comics that create drama and action solely on stupid people in stupid situations.

    Another stupid scenario 12-2. I pushed that garbage can under that fallen tree trunk as told and failed game every time. Those tanks and burners occupied end zone and then I was between two zombie gangs. Then I decided not to push that dumpster and those zombies stayed on north and only few at the time came towards me. They didn't know where to go so I could shoot them more freely and just let them burn. Then I just pushed that dumpster and walked on exit zone.
  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    You do know that you could quit this game and make your own game the way you want it, right? You seem so smart, so why not be a designer yourself? Designing a game isn't that easy because you need to consider many things but if you think you can do better, instead of insulting the designer, do it yourself..

  • LawdogLawdog Member Posts: 836
    Damn @AysatyoPet you wrecking newbs 2 nite.
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