Is My Assault Good?

So i've had my legendary Assault for a while (384/500 tokens for 6 stars promotion), And he's been my favorite survivor for a while. He's good in missions, But i've been starting to wonder if he's really worth it... It'd feel like a walker bit my neck if i found out he's not worht it... These are his traits: Lvl 5 Dodge, Lvl 5 Defensive Stance, Lvl 5 Vigilant, Lvl 5 Iron Skin and Lvl 5 Bullet Dodge.


  • Also sorry for my bad English
  • I personally think that's fine. Bullet dodge is situational, but later on the in the free man missions it's useful.
  • D-stance and vigilant are both overwatch traits, bullet dodge is all but useless, iron skin and dodge are great. Luck, iron skin, marksman, dodge, ruthless are my top five-luck is a must and at least 3 of the rest. My opinion, others may differ.
  • I could keep him as a damage absorber at most but would not invest. Bullet dodge and vigillant are the least desired traits for an assault imo.
  • I would say it would be good to invest, but he’s not that good for story missions, well until more humans become enemies. I’d use him as an outpost defender or a meat shield in challenges.
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